Contacting Us

What is the easiest way to reach you guys at True Nutrition?

Questions? Concerns? True Nutrition Customer Service is here to help! Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is on hand to take care of all of your personal needs. E-mail is typically the best way to have your complex questions answered, but you are welcome to contact us over the phone as well. Our e-mail and phone directory can be found in the Customer Service tab at the bottom of the page.

I sent two emails to you and I still have not received an answer to my question.

We answer every single email that arrives in our e-mail box every day. We have found out through trial and error that some people have set their spam filters too high on their e-mail service and anything containing a company name (such as is filtered out. We most likely are getting your e-mails (because we have the filters set at the lowest setting) but you are not getting our return e-mail to you. We have also noticed that e-mail providers such as AOL, MSN, yahoo and hotmail have built in filtering systems and again it puts our e-mail to you (containing into your spam folder.

Orders/Order Changes

How do I change my shipping address?

You can go to My Account and update your shipping address, or specify a different shipping address during the checkout process. Please note that the Address Line 2 field may not be visible from the Select Shipping Address drop-down menu at checkout. 

How do I cancel my order?

Order cancellations MUST be received within 30 minutes of order placement in order to stop your custom order from entering production. Order cancellation requests may be submitted via e-mail to, or called into Customer Service at 760-433-5376 during normal business hours. 

Do you offer Certificates of Analysis with each order?

We do not print hard copies of any of our certificates of analysis to provide in each order unless specifically requested. All certificates of analysis for any of our raw materials are available upon request at any time.

Return Policy

Customer satisfaction is our top priority here at True Nutrition. We hope to ensure that every product purchased through the site will meet your complete satisfaction. As a custom manufacturer of health and nutrition products, however, we are limited in the materials that we are able to accept back as a return, especially when it comes to custom formulas that have been designed by our customers - however, we are please to now offer a limited 30 day Money Back Guarantee!

Our limited 30 Day money back guarantee requirements are below:

- Any product that is sealed/unopened (capsules, supplements etc. - excluding protein powders) can be returned.
- Any trial customized product with a max order weight of 1lb may be returned*
- *For custom blended products, there must be at least 60% (300g) left of a 1 LB product for a full refund.
- Any opened product, outside of a 1lb custom product trial, can not be returned.
- Product must be sent back to TN at customers expense.
- All returns must be approved prior to sending back to TN and accompanied by an RMA #

To request an RMA#, please check that your product is eligible then email us at

We will allow returns of products that have not been opened, that are non-customizable, and are not in “bulk” or “raw” form. Items may be returned within 30 days of purchase date WITH an authorized RMA# provided by one of our Customer Service Representatives. Please contact in this event for further instructions. We will not be held liable for taste or mixibility issues that result directly from the choices made by our customers when designing their custom protein formulas using our custom mixing options online. 

Please contact one of our Customer Service Representatives in advance before placing a custom mix formula if you have any questions or concerns regarding the taste or mixibility of your new formula. Please contact at any time with any questions or requests regarding our company return policies prior to placing your order. .

Payment Options

What payment options do you offer?

True Nutrition accepts order payments made by Credit Cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express), Paypal, money order, or check.

How do I send payments to Paypal?

Payments can be made through PayPal. You will be directed to Paypal automatically during the checkout process. 

Do you offer gift certificates?

Yes, we do offer gift certificates under the Gear & Accessories section, or by searching online.

I am a first time buyer and I was referred to you by someone else who gave me their discount code. Where do I enter the discount code?

You may enter any discount or promotion code from the Shopping Cart page by entering the code into the Promo Code field. Only one discount or promotion may be applied to each order. No exceptions. 

Managing Your Account

How do I change my password?

You can access the My Account portal and update your password at any time online.

How do I update my E-mail address?

You can access the My Account portal and update you email address.

What should I do if I forget my password?

If you forget your password, click on the Log In link and follow the instructions under FORGOT YOUR PASSWORD? section. A new temporary password will be sent to your e-mail address.


What is your most popular Protein?

The Whey Protein Isolate Cold-Filtration has proven to be one of True Nutrition's most popular and most frequently-purchased products for over a decade, which is why it is a key ingredient in so many of our trusted protein formulas online. The Grass-Fed Whey Protein has also become one of True Nutrition's fastest-growing products, since it offers a pure and undenatured protein source derived from the milk of grass-fed cows that have not been administered hormones or antibiotics. 

What are the differences between your various Whey Protein Isolate options?

The main differences between our various Whey Protein Isolate options are the processing methods by which they are filtered. The nutritional profiles and amino acid contents of these materials will be very similar, with small variations. Our rBGH/Soy Free Whey Protein Isolate is derived from cows that are grass-fed while weather permits, and which are not administered hormones or antibiotics, making it one of the cleanest whey protein isolate materials on the market! 

Does True Nutrition spike their protein using nitrogen-producing aminos?

Protein spiking goes directly against True Nutrition's corporate ethics and dedication to product quality and purity. True Nutrition will never perform protein spiking of any kind, and no other ingredients will be added outside of those selected and listed online. 

Where are your products manufactured?

The majority of our protein materials are manufactured domestically in the United States, with the exception of a select few. These include our Grass-Fed Whey Protein from Australia, the New Zealand Grass-Fed Whey Protein and Grass-Fed Whey Protein Concentrates from New Zealand, the Hemp Protein from Canada, Peptopro from Western Europe, and a few other select proteins from various other parts of the world. 

I live in an area with hot/cold weather conditions; Will my product denature in transit?

It takes extremely high heats or extremely high humidity and moisture to cause any denaturation to any of our products. It is very rare for any denaturation to occur whatsoever as a result of standard weather conditions during the shipping of our products. Our products can be refrigerated or frozen as well without concern as long as the materials remain properly sealed. For storage purposes, we recommend storing each of our materials at room temperature in a tightly-sealed environment that is outside of direct sunlight. 

Are any of your whey or casein proteins from organic or grass fed cows?

True Nutrition currently offers Grass-Fed Whey Protein sourced from r-BGH and anti-biotic free cattle from New Zealand and Southern Australia. These materials comes from grass-fed cows, and will be un-denatured as well as soy-free. The rBGH/Soy Free Whey Protein Isolate is also sourced from cows which are pasture-fed while weather permits. 

What is the shelf life for each of your products?

Most protein, supplement, and carbohydrate materials will have a standard retest date of two years from the date of manufacturing (DOM) printed on the label to ensure that the nutritional content of the materials continue to meet label claims. 

Are your protein materials Instantized?

Yes, many of our protein materials will be Instantized using Soy Lecithin or Sunflower Lecithin for ease in mixibility. These ingredients will be listed in the Ingredients in each individual product page, as well as on the finished product label. 

I am lactose intolerant, which products do you carry that are lactose-free?

We now offer a variety of different options for individuals with lactose-intolerance depending on your degree of sensitivity. Most customers with lactose-intolerance are able to successfully use our various Whey Protein Isolate materials, which will only contain trace elements of lactose and not enough to cause a negative reaction. For customers with heightened sensitivity, we recommend using one of the following lactose-free protein alternatives:
  • Beef Protein Isolate
  • Gemma Pea Protein
  • Soy Protein Isolate
  • Rice Protein Concentrate
  • Hemp Protein
Does your protein come with a scoop?

Each custom protein, carbohydrate, or fat powder will include a 70cc scoop. Please refer to the Volumetric Measurement Charts available in each product description for proper measurements. 

How much protein comes in one scoop?

A standard 70cc scoop will provide approximately 25-30 grams of most protein powders in a tightly-packed and heaping scoop. Other materials, like our supplements and carbohydrates, may be more dense by comparison. Please refer to the Volumetric Measurement Charts available in each product description for proper measurements. 

If I order my protein in bags, will I need to transfer the materials upon receipt?

True Nutrition's EZ Seal Mylar Bags come equipped with an air-tight zip-lock to ensure proper storage of the materials. Many people will transfer their materials into an air-tight plastic jug or container upon receipt, however, for ease of access and storage. We recommend storing in a tightly-sealed container that is kept in a dry, dark, and cool area outside of direct sunlight in order to ensure the longevity of the materials. 

Can your products be used in cooking?

Many customers currently use our products to increase the protein content in many of their meals. For the best tasting results, we typically recommend using the Whey Protein Isolates. The protein materials should not denature much in temperatures below 400 degrees F. Vegan and vegetarian health enthusiasts will often use the Pea Protein Isolate for the same effect.

Are casein materials normally chalky?

Yes, most casein materials will have a much chalkier texture than the standard whey proteins.

How many grams of material will a standard teaspoon provide?

A standard teaspoon will provide approximately 3-5g of raw material depending on the density of the material.

I am on the road all day. Can I mix all of my protein in the morning and drink it throughout the day?

Typically, most protein materials can be mixed in liquid for a period of approx 24hrs without experiencing any denaturation.


What carbohydrate powders do you offer?

  • Waxy Maize Starch
  • Swedish Oats Starch
  • Sweet Potato Powder
  • Maltodextrin
  • Dextrose
  • ModCarb
How does True Nutrition's Waxy Maize Starch transport protein materials?

Though there have been claims that Waxy Maize relies on an insulin spike to transport protein materials into the muscle cells, we promote the supported claims that the material's primary mode of transportation for protein materials is its high molecular weight.

What is the Glycemic Index of your Waxy Maize Starch?

Unfortunately we do not have an exact number or range for the Glycemic Index on this particular product, however it falls into the lower end of the spectrum.

Which of your carbohydrates register highest on the Glycemic Index?

The standard Dextrose and Maltodextrin materials will rate highest on the GI scale.

Custom Mix Generator

Why can't I add supplement materials in the Custom Mix Generator?

True Nutrition's Custom Mix Generator is strictly intended for food grade protein, carbohydrate, and fat powders. We are unable to customize any nutritional supplements using this tool. The new DIY Custom Mix Calculator has been developed to help customers create their own unique supplement formulas from home using our recipe generator and bulk raw materials. 

What is the nutritional breakdown of my custom mix?

The nutritional breakdown of your custom mix can be found in the Custom Mix Generator by recreating the mix online.

What is the typical recommended ratio of protein to carbohydrates post workout?

Most users will take the standard ratio of 2:1 carbohydrates to protein materials post workout. As an example, a customer will typically consume 60g of carbohydrates immediately post workout, and follow that material with 30g of protein 10-15m following their carbohydrates.

How will my mixture be packaged?

The order quantity will be combined in to a single container when possible based on the total volume of material ordered, or split in to several containers when needed. The EZ-Seal Upright Mylar Bag option contains a standard 70cc scoop, is resealable, and will be heat-sealed for your protection. The Plastic Jug option contains a standard 70cc scoop, an interior lining, and will be heat-sealed for your protection. True Nutrition's largest container size will hold up to 5lbs of most materials; Orders exceeding 5lbs will typically be broken down into two (or more) containers in order to fulfill the purchase. True Nutrition cannot and will not offer individual or custom packaging requests from customers on any level in compliance with our current Good Manufacturing Practices and the Terms and Conditions which must be agreed upon at checkout and which prohibit the relabeling or resale of our materials. 


Does your Creatine require loading?

Creatine Monohydrate will require a carbohydrate load in order to be most effective. Our recommendations for loading and maintaining creatine levels may be found in the True Nutrition Community blog. 

What is more effective, L-Glutamine or Glutamine Peptides?

This has been a long-standing debate for many years, and while there are strong arguments on either side, we do not have proven evidence to support either claim. Each of the two materials will provide similar results.

Wow, my BCAAs and EAAs have just an awful taste, have they gone bad?

Free flow amino acids in their raw form with no added flavoring materials will typically tend to be very bitter or sour. This is the natural taste of the materials, and does not signify that the materials have been contaminated or that they are expired in any way, whatsoever. It is entirely to be expected with these and many other raw supplement powder. True Nutrition recommends adding strong, tart, and sweet citrusy flavors in order to best help to mask the taste of these materials when mixing from home. 

What is the best way to measure supplement materials with mg serving sizes?

There is no way to accurately measure some materials with small serving sizes of less than a single gram using a volumetric measuring device. For materials like Caffeine, Yohimbine HCL, or other potentially hazardous materials, we highly recommend purchasing a gram-sensitive scale to ensure that the materials are being dosed properly.

What are the gram inclusion rates of the supplements in your supplement formulas?

Our unique supplement formulas like the Buzz Saw, nDure, or BCAA Boost are proprietary blends we have created using our own formulas. As such, we are unable to release the specific formula, though the ingredients have been listed in the product descriptions in descending order. We can reveal that the products containing caffeine will typically contain up to 250mg of caffeine per serving, and that each of the other ingredients have been added in proven-effective amounts to maximize results and performance.


What is your Protein Enzyme Boost?

The Protein Enzyme Boost is a uniquely synergistic blend of digestive protein enzymes derived from aspergillus niger. The enzyme preparation is a mixture of several acid, neutral, and alkaline proteases demonstrating both exo-peptidase and endo-peptidase activity. The exo-peptidases liberate amino acids by hydrolysis of the peptide bonds at the terminus of the peptide chain. The endo-peptidases hydrolyze the interior peptide bonds of protein
liberating polypeptides of varying lengths. The broad substrate specificity of the Protease Enzyme Complex enables the enzymes to easily and efficiently hydrolyze most soluble proteins. Casein, hemoglobin, gelatin, soy, fish, and other plant and animal proteins are hydrolyzed to smaller molecular weight peptides and free amino
acids for increased digestion and absorption. The Protein Enzyme Boost is added at 100mg per 30g serving, which will increase the total serving size of your mixture by 100mg, accordingly. Any mixture that contains a significant amount of protein may benefit from the added Protein Enzyme Boost.

What is your Carbohydrate Enzyme Boost?

The Carbohydrate Enzyme Boost is a proprietary blend of digestive enzymes that have been specifically-designed to help with the digestion and absorption of carbohydrate materials. These enzymes include Bromelain, Cellulase, Hemicellulase, and Amylase. By allowing for the increased breakdown and absorption of carbohydrates in the stomach and small intestine, the Carbohydrate Enzyme Boost may help to reduce the cramping and bloating effects that often result from undigested carbohydrate materials.* They may also help to increase gut-emptying speed, and increase the rate of replenishment for both glycogen and glucose.* The Carbohydrate Enzyme Boost is added at 160mg per 30g serving, which will increase the total serving size of
your mixture by 160mg, accordingly. Mixtures that are high in carbohydrates, such as post-workout formulas, may benefit from the inclusion of this additive.

What is your Electrolytes Boost?

The loss of valuable electrolytes through extensive exercise can lead to a number of unwanted side effects, including dizziness, fatigue, muscle spasms, cramping, dehydration, and abnormal heart rate, to name
a few. Since the human body cannot generate electrolytess on its own, these nutrients must be replenished through food or dietary supplementation. When selecting the Electrolytes additive, you will receive an additional
261mg of electrolytes per 30g serving, which will increase the total serving size of your mixture by 261mg, accordingly. Each 261mg Serving of electrolytes will contain the following electrolyte amounts:

40mg Sodium (from Sodium Chloride)
60mg Chloride (from Sodium Chloride)
10mg Calcium (from Calcium Chelate)
3mg Magnesium (from Magnesium Aspartate)
4.2mg Potassium (from Potassium Gluconate)
1mg Zinc (from Zinc Aspartate)
6mg Vitamin B-6 (as Pyridoxine HCL)
50mg Tyrosine (as L-Tyrosine)

Electrolytes are an essential addition to any pre- or post-workout formula, when they are needed most.

What is the breakdown of your Multi-Vitamin and Mineral Boost?

In addition to our array of multi-vitamin offerings, True Nutrition also allows customers to include a simple Multi-Vitamin and Mineral Boost in with their various protein mixtures. The Multi-Vitamin and Mineral Boost provides an additional 107mg of material on top of each 30g serving, which will increase the total serving size by 107mg, accordingly. This blend will provide the following ingredient amounts based on the current Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA):

Vitamin A 138%
Vitamin C 42%
Vitamin E 59%
Vitamin B3 25%
Vitamin B5 115%
Vitamin B6 20.5%
Chromium 5%
Vitamin B2 29%
Vitamin B1 22%
Biotin 25%
Vitamin B9 17.5%
Vitamin B12 25%

While these added vitamins and minerals serve as an excellent additive to any protein or carbohydrate mix, they should not take the place of a standard daily multi-vitamin.


What are the ingredients in your TrueFlavor flavoring systems?

Selecting from one of our TrueFlavor options will add the following list of ingredients to each standard Serving of protein or other food-based powder at approximately 2-3g of flavoring per standard 30g Serving:

Ingredients: Flavoring (Natural Flavor Extracts, Gum Acacia, non-GMO Tapioca Maltodextrin, Stevia). May also contain: Guar Gum, Cocoa Powder, non-GMO Rice Powder.

Selecting any of these flavor systems will increase the respective Serving Size by approximately 3g, and will increase the nutritional content of the materials by the following amounts per Serving:

Calories: 10.4
Total Carbohydrates: 2.6g

These flavor systems will not contain any artificial flavoring, artificial coloring, artificial sweeteners, lactose, soy, wheat gluten, or animal byproducts whatsoever.

What are the ingredients in your standard Unsweetened flavoring options?

The standard Unsweetened flavoring options will be left completely unsweetened unless you select a sweetener in the Sweeteners drop down menu that appears below the Flavoring drop down menu. The ingredients for the Unsweetened flavors are:

Natural and Artificial flavoring, Modified Food Starch, Silicon Dioxide, Maltodextrin.

Are artificial sweeteners or flavors toxic?

The use of these sweeteners and flavoring ingredients are being used around the world and have been deemed safe for human consumption. Many studies have attempted to prove that the materials are toxic, but that is the choice of the user to define for themselves. Most of our customers do not mind the choice of sweeteners that we currently offer, since we now offer an extensive natural flavoring line using the sweet herbal leaf Stevia.


Do you ship Internationally?

Yes, we do provide international shipments using the USPS International Priority Mail shipping method to ensure safe transit and prompt receipt. Additional duties, taxes, and customs fees may be assessed depending on the country of import. True Nutrition is unable to review the importation regulations for each of the many countries that we ship into, so it is up to each individual customer to review all importation regulations within their country to ensure that their order will not be seized, damaged, or destroyed by customs upon receipt. 

Do you provide shipping rates via e-mail?

Real-Time shipping rates are available for review at checkout prior to completing your purchase after creating an account online and adding any items of interest into the shopping cart. True Nutrition will not provide shipping quotes via e-mail or over the phone. 

What if my order was left at my door step but I cannot find it?

You will need to contact Customer Service at 760-433-5376. will be able to contact UPS, FedEx, or the post office and launch an immediate investigation.

Do you offer free shipping?

We do not offer free shipping on any sized orders at this time. Orders shipped within the contiguous United States will qualify for $7.99 Flat Rate Shipping, however.

Can you ship my package using USPS?

We provide USPS shipping options worldwide.

How long do orders take to ship?

Orders that are received before 11 AM PST Monday thru Friday will typically be processed and shipped the same day whenever possible, and orders placed before 11 AM PST Monday thru Friday using our express shipping methods will ship without fail. On the rare occasion that a product you have ordered is back ordered, we will notify you immediately to see if you want to change your order or if you would like to wait until it comes in. Our Flat Rate Shipping options offer a guaranteed time in transit of 1-5 business days to the contiguous United States, with our express shipping options offering 1-, 2-, or 3-Day guaranteed delivery anywhere within the United States. Canadian orders will have a standard transit time of 3-10 business days, and International orders shipping USPS International Priority Mail will have a standard 3-5 business day transit time (discounting any additional customs clearance times). 

Do you ship to P.O. Boxes?

We currently ship to PO Box addresses using USPS mailing options. 

Canadian Shipments:

I live in Canada. What is your shipping and turn-around time?

We use UPS Standard for all packages into Canada. Most packages will have a total transit time of 3-10 business days (discounting weekends and holidays). We have worked long and hard to properly bypass many “customs border slow down” run-arounds, and have taken all customs brokerage in house. So your packages is already cleared customs before your package arrives at the border. WE REPEAT, THERE ARE NO ADDITIONAL TAX, DUTY OR BROKERAGE CHARGES. We have taken on all these charges in house and will never be seen by you our Canadian Customer.

I live in Canada, am I going to be hit with a duty, tax and custom charges?

Absolutely Not. We have worked months putting in place the proper in house custom brokeraging to bypass the many “customs border slow down” run-arounds many Canadians have experienced. All customs brokeraging is now in house, where your package is already cleared customs before it even hits the border. WE REPEAT, THERE ARE NO ADDITIONAL TAX, DUTY OR BROKERAGE CHARGES. We have taken on all these charges in house and will never be seen by you our Canadian Customer.

I live in another country other than the USA and Canada, What are your shipping turn around times?

True Nutrition offers international shipments using the USPS Express Priority and Priority Mail options. The shipping costs displayed on the website do not reflect any additional taxes, duties, or brokerage fees that may be applied at the border or at the time of delivery. International customers are required to review the individual customs regulations for their country of import prior to placing an order online. True Nutrition will not be held responsible for any orders that are lost, damaged, seized, or destroyed in transit. True Nutrition is unable to process any address changes once an order has left our facility for International Orders.  

All orders returned to True Nutrition due to an incorrect address or order cancellation will be subject to a $10.00 charge and a 10% restocking fee based upon True Nutrition's discretion.

Privacy Policy

True Nutrition has a commitment to our visitors and customers to keep their information safe. We at True Nutrition keep strict guide lines in doing so and take care to respect the privacy of its online visitors and customers. True Nutrition collects information about our online users only on a voluntary basis, only when a visitor purchases our products or registers with our site. This information is kept safe within our system and is never released, sold or made available to 3rd party entities. True Nutrition, never discloses information regarding our visitors and/or customers, such as name, address, or telephone numbers. We insist our customers’ information is safe.

True Nutrition’s site collects non-personal information from visitors to track the total number of visitors to the site in and to identify the visitors Internet browser type. This information is used solely to better our site for quicker and easier navigation and to better our service to you, our customer.
Overall our goal is to keep your information what it is intended to do, for purchasing products from our online store and processing that order.

Information We Collect

True Nutrition’s online ordering process requires your contact information, i.e., your name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, etc. By providing your contact information, it allows us to process your order and to get products ordered to you, our customers, quickly and safely; plain and simple.


True Nutrition’s site uses cookies. They are generally used for making your web visit experience better, and they are needed and used for our shopping cart system. True Nutrition will never disclose our cookies to any third party entity.
Changes to this privacy policy can happen at anytime, but we will be prompt in updating them on these pages.


By creating an account through, you consent to have your e-mail address added to our weekly newsletter. If you would like to have your information removed from our weekly mailings, please contact us directly at 

California Residents Proposition 65 Warning

What is this warning?

Sometimes you will see a product for sale that has a label with a warning along the lines of the following:  This product contains a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer or reproductive harm.

You may also see this warning at the point of purchase at an online retailer or for a catalog item.

California has two different types of warnings – those for cancer and those for reproductive health effects. Some products have one or the other of these warnings and some products have both warnings. These warnings are required by California labeling law Proposition 65 (or Prop 65 for short), which is meant to notify individuals in California of exposures to Prop 65-listed chemicals. Prop 65 does not ban the sale of any products containing these chemicals; it only requires warnings.

What’s the difference between cancer and reproductive toxicity?

A chemical listed under Prop 65 as a carcinogen has been shown (often in laboratory animal studies) to cause cancer. A chemical listed under Prop 65 as a reproductive toxin has been shown (again, often in laboratory animal studies) to cause male or female reproductive toxicity or developmental toxicity. These tests are often performed with very high doses of chemicals. NOTE: True Nutrition does not test its products on animals.

Does this law apply everywhere?

The “Prop 65” warnings are only required under California law. Prop 65 standards are among the most stringent standards in place anywhere and are often far more stringent than federal standards.

What kinds of substances require warnings?

Over 800 chemicals have been listed under California Prop 65. They include pesticides, heavy metals, and Vitamin A at certain levels.

Certain listed chemicals, such as lead, are widely distributed through the environment in air, soil, water, and rocks. As a result, these types of chemicals are often found in commonly eaten foods and throughout the food supply even though these chemicals are not intentionally added to foods or nutritional supplements.

Should I be concerned?

You should always be aware and take heed of all product warnings. Does a Prop 65 warning mean that the product will actually cause cancer or other reproductive harm when the product is used in its typical way? Not necessarily. The listing of a chemical under Prop 65 could be the result of tests on laboratory animals. Prop 65 standards for warnings are often very stringent. For example, for reproductive toxicants, the level for warnings is 1000 times lower than the lowest level at which animal studies reported no reproductive health effect. A Prop 65 warning does not automatically mean that the product is unsafe.

How are these warnings determined?

California has a formal process for adding chemicals to the Prop 65 list. Prop 65 allows chemicals to be listed in various ways, including through reports that are based on animal studies. In many instances, these animal studies involve extremely high dosages of chemicals.

What kinds of substances are we talking about?

Many dietary supplements contain substances that require a warning in California. One vitamin that requires a warning above a certain level is Vitamin A. Incidental contaminants such as lead and mercury also require warnings above a certain level even if they are not added intentionally to a product.

How do the California warnings compare to federal limits?

It should be noted that California product label warning requirements are not usually the same as federal safety requirements. This causes a mismatch between warnings on products sold in California and what is required elsewhere in the U.S.A. So this can explain why sometimes you may see a California Prop 65 warning on a product sold in California but no warning on the same product sold elsewhere. The products are not different; it’s just that Prop 65 warnings are required for sales to California consumers.

Additionally, there are various substances that require a California Prop 65 warning at levels that are far more stringent than federal action limits. One example is lead. The Prop 65 standard for warnings for lead is 0.5 micrograms per day, which is far more stringent than federal and international standards for lead.

Why don’t all similar products carry the warning?

There could be a variety of reasons. If a company has been involved in a Prop 65 lawsuit, and if that company reaches a settlement, that settlement may require Prop 65 warnings for products. Other companies that are not involved in the settlement, although they may nonetheless sell similar products, may not provide a warning on their product. Because of inconsistent Prop 65 enforcement, this sometimes explains why you will see certain products in the market with warnings, and virtually identical products without warnings. Other companies may elect not to provide warnings because, in their assessment, they conclude that they are not required to do so under Prop 65 standards. A lack of warnings for a product does not necessarily mean that the products is free of the same substances at similar levels.

I’m confused, now what?

Prop 65 warnings are seen throughout California in a wide range of settings -- in restaurants, grocery stores, hotels, schools, hospitals, and on a wide variety of consumer products. In addition, some internet and mail order retailers have chosen to provide Prop 65 warnings on their websites or in catalogs for all their products and for all consumers.

If you want more information, the one thing to do is to ask the manufacturer to explain the warning. But please remember that just because another brand does not have the warning, this does not automatically mean that the other brand is free of the substance or has lower levels.

What is your Protein Enzyme Boost?
What is your Protein Enzyme Boost?