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True Nutrition offers a one-of-a-kind discount code program that allows YOU to reap the awards for telling your clientele, friends, acquaintances, whoever about True Nutrition. How do I get one and how does it work?

  • To get your own 5% discount code, simply email us at and allow 3 business days for processing. If you have a specific request for a discount code name, let us know and we will try to abide by it (sometimes we cannot if the code is too general)
  • The discount code you receive will be YOUR discount code and entitle you and/or anyone else that uses it to 5% off all TRUE NUTRITION BRAND products (Greater than 5% discount is entirely possible with larger orders and in combination with quantity discounts!)
  • When a NEW CUSTOMER (a customer that has never ordered from our site before) uses YOUR code, their SUBTOTAL (before tax/shipping) counts towards YOUR CODE TALLY.
  • When your code tally reaches at least $300, you will be notified and paid for 33% of those sales. This program is so easy its ridiculous. The average order at Truenutrition is $100 dollars. We have customers who place $300 to $1000 dollar orders everyday all the time. Whether its just a few orders or if its one large quantity buying person using your discount code because you alerted them to Truenutrition, you are going to make big bucks. Like we said it is extremely easy to do.
  • NO SPAMMING allowed to advertise your code. Spamming or plastering your code on other sites (especially TN property like our Facebook page) will result in your code being revoked. Get creative with how you share you code, but if we receive constant complaints with the way you are marketing we will have to revoke your code.
  • Very Important: NO DEDICATED "OFFICIAL TN PROMO CODE" WEBSITES, ETC....Please spread the word thru your social media/family/friends/followers. The TN discount code system is about your personal network, sharing our company/quality with friends and clients, and making it fair for everyone involved. We use advanced analytics to identify individuals who are really sending customers our way vs individuals who are simply taking advantage of our system. If you are truly driving traffic to our site with your code, you will be rewarded - we will not reward individuals who are simply trying to "cherry-pick" our customers at checkout by optimizing searches for "true nutrition discount codes" on google. Monthly we research the first 5 pages regarding "truenutrition" "promo code" "discount code" on google and if we see a site used primarily to entice an existing ordering customer to use their discount code during the checkout process, we reserve the right to not add to that codes tally and/or revoke that discount code owner. Also extremely important: promoting your code on coupon code websites like retailmenot and other sites like that is prohibited. The reason for that is the customer is already on our site ordering, and at checkout they are looking simply for a promo code to use, hence you should not be paid for someone who you didn't direct to our site.
  • NEW CUSTOMERS ONLY. While your code will give a discount every time it's used, remember that YOUR TALLY will only accumulate when NEW NON CURRENT TRUENUTRITION customers purchase from our site. We are VERY STRICT about the definition of a new customer. Even if you yourself are a new customer, YOUR ORDERS CAN NOT COUNT TOWARDS YOUR CODE TOTAL. We cross check all orders for uniqueness on a number of levels and trying to cheat the system will result in your code being revoked. This system will benefit everyone but only if everyone agrees to FOLLOW THE RULES.