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Scoop E-Z™ 15cc
a convenient, easy way to add powdered mix to your water or sports bottle with NO mess!
SKU: 5002EZ

This 15cc Scoop E-Z™ is made for people who want to add supplements or drink mixes to their bottles. It is designed to deliver a full scoop with no mess! You get a perfect scoop every time. The reusable Scoop E-Z™ allows you to buy supplements and drink mixes in bulk, saving you money.

Scoop E-Z™

For Denser Supplement / Carbohydrate Materials

15cc= ~7 grams of dense supplement and carbohydrate type materials

For Lighter Protein / Supplement Materials

15cc= ~4 grams of protein and supplement type materials

*When using volumetric measurements to attain weight with a scoop, the desired serving be slightly off. Particle size, material weight/density, moisture, as well as amount tamped down in scoop, can greatly effect weight from scoop to scoop. The above weight amounts are only an average to be used as a general base line.

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1. on 8/22/2018, said:
it could break in two pieces but it is cheap and would not be a big deal u might even be able to put i back because it is meant pop on an off.
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