Cissus Quadrangularis – 20:1 extract
Cissus Quadrangularis – 20:1 Extract Powder (100 Grams)
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Supports healthy joints, a temporary elevation in mood, and a healthy metabolism!
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Cissus Quadrangularis, or Veld Grape, is a botanical extract that has been used as a traditional homeopathic ingredient in India for centuries, and has since grown in popularity worldwide for its potential benefits in holistic support. As a dietary supplement, Cissus Quadrangularis helps support healthy joints, a temporary elevation in mood, healthy antioxidant activity, and a healthy metabolism.


  • Healthy joints.
  • Healthy antioxidant activity.
  • Temporary elevation in mood.

Suggested Use

As a dietary supplement, take 1 Serving (500mg) 1-8 times daily.

Active Ingredient

Cissus Quadrangularis Extract (stem).

General Warnings

If you are currently pregnant or nursing, consult a physician prior to use. Keep out of the reach of children.

Allergen Warnings

This product is manufactured in a facility that handles milk, soy, egg, peanut, nut, tree, fish, crustaceans/shellfish, and wheat products.

FDA Statement

✝These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Volumetric Measures

Use the table below to approximate the gram equivalent weight for a given level measuring spoon (US Standard). Please note that accurate dosing should only be done with a recommended calibrated scale.

Measuring Spoon (level) g mg
90cc Scoop 61.5 61497
70cc Scoop 47.8 47831
29.6cc Scoop 20.2 20226
25cc Scoop 17.1 17082
Tablespoon 10.1 10106
10cc Scoop 6.8 6833
½ Tablespoon 5.1 5053
Teaspoon 3.4 3369
½ Teaspoon 1.7 1684
1.7cc Scoop 1.2 1162
¼ Teaspoon 0.8 842
1/8 Teaspoon 0.4 421
1/16 Teaspoon 0.2 211
1/32 Teaspoon 0.1 105

Customer Reviews
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1. on 9/27/2015, said:
This product works wonders and fast, I was surprised from the results from the first review which left me a bit skeptical. Then I decided to try it myself since the price was reasonable, I took it to assist with some swelling in my left knee from doing a week of front squats, overhead squats, box jumps, air squats, cleans and thrusters. The swelling lasted a full week but during that same week I had order this product on Wednesday of the week and got it on Friday. I took two grams Friday night, four grams on Saturday and Sunday, by Monday the swelling had subsided enough to all me to do some heavy overhead squats. I continued to work out during the week as I normally would but took four grams a day, two grams post workout and two grams before bed. From Friday when I first took the product to Friday of the following week the swelling progressively subsided daily, even while doing rigorous exercise. The end result, it is now Sunday morning 10 days after initially taking the product at four grams a day and the knee is 100%. I will continue to take this product but two grams a day for maintenance purposes. I do recommend it, also the taste of this product is like a strong black tea. I would put two grams in my post workout recovery drink which it had a strong presence in the drink and in my bedtime protein shake which made it taste like tea. Now I just mixing it in with ¾ cup of water and not with my other drinks.
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2. on 6/7/2012, said:
I have been dealing with elbow bursitis for 15 years. Tried all of the typical joint support supplements, glucosamine, chondroitin and MSM in various doses and combinations. I ordered some cissus powder, made caps at ~650mg each, took 4 a day for 10 days and NEVER had pain issues again. I dropped to a maintenance dose of 1-2 caps (~1300mg) a day and it seemed to do well, pain never returned despite periods of extremely heavy training both in weight and volume. Also, September of 2011 I fractured my knee in 2 places and suffered some minor ligament damage as well, Went back to increased doseages of the cissus and was hiking 2-3 miles a day within 3 weeks of my injury. Xrays showed fracture was well over 60% healed at 4 weeks post injury and no sign of a fracture at all in the week 8 xrays. If I had to choose one supplement from everything thats out there today, this would be it by far.
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Serving Size 1 (500mg)
Servings Per Container 200
Amount Per Serving
% Daily Value*
Cissus Quadrangularis (stem) 500mg
** Percent Daily Values not established.

The above statement has not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose or treat any disease.
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