If You’re Not Tracking, You’re Slacking! – 3 Fitness Apps to Utilize in Your Workout

Let’s be real, if we could make gains as fast as today’s technology improves, we would all be reaching our fitness goals within months. While we are clearly in the digital age, the reality is that training, conditioning and sculpting our bodies is somewhat of an analog process that can take years to finesse. Regardless of if you’re new to fitness or an experienced weightlifter, utilizing new technological advancements can significantly increase the efficiency of your workout and keep you focused on your goals.

True Nutrition is, and has always been, a progressive company dedicated to bettering the lives of our customers. Staying in stride with this mindset, we have decided to give away an Apple Watch every day from now until the end of December 2016! View the full contest details HERE. Should you be lucky enough to win one, or if you already strap one on your wrist everyday, check out the apps we think will help you crush it even harder in the gym or on the field.

Iron Pro

If you aren’t tracking, you’re slacking! For serious bodybuilders, continually striving to better yourself each week in the gym is typically your main focus, and this starts with recording the volume of your workouts. Iron Pro makes this process relatively easy with the ability to plan out your workout and track the weight and number of reps you put up. Additionally, you can set up a workout schedule for upcoming weeks to help keep you focused on certain muscle groups and reaching your goals. The easy to read Apple Watch interface for Iron Pro features big buttons and numbers making it easy to see and punch in your information. If you’re ready to ditch the notebook and get smart with today’s technology, Iron Pro is the app for you.


If you’ve just made the decision to get healthy and are ready to commit to fitness, knowing what exercises to do and how to do them properly is a huge barrier to entry many people find themselves facing. Keelo is a High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) app that provides a great solution to this issue. Users are able to filter out the best exercises based on different skill levels and equipment available for use. For the more advanced HIIT athlete, Keelo serves as a great tool for mixing up your workouts and time intervals. Furthermore, a very clear and straightforward Apple Watch integration makes workouts something you simply do, not have to think about. The no-nonsense, timed exercises are displayed clearly on the watch face and the app even keeps track of your heart rate. For people new to fitness all the way to those who enjoy heart pounding HIIT circuits, Keelo is a game-changer.

Nike+ Run Club

Crawl, walk, run or sprint! Whether you are just starting to walk for exercise or training for your next marathon, keeping track of your distance and pace is a critical aspect of endurance training. One of the simplest and most straightforward Apple Watch apps for accomplishing this is the Nike+ Run Club. Not only does this app track and store all your runs, it will also update you throughout your exercise based on your performance. The Nike+ Run Club actually takes it a step further by offering custom running playlists and even has a leader board for you to compete on. If endurance training is your goal, the Nike+ Run Club is a no brainer.

The ability to adapt to ever changing circumstances is one of the many reasons humans are so amazing. As True Athletes, we put our bodies under incredible stress and refuse to give up until we reach the goals we set out to achieve. We know it won’t be easy. We know it won’t happen overnight. But we are committed. By embracing the rapidly evolving technology that is available to us, we are adapting to a new set of circumstances that can potentially provide huge benefits.

Just as our Mission Statement reads, we skip the fancy marketing and flashy labels so we can bring you the best. This holiday season, we are taking some of that saved money to help our customers adapt in order to better themselves, by giving away an Apple Watch everyday until the end of December. We support your goals. Keep grinding.

Yours in health,
Team True Nutrition

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