Whole Egg Protein

In the days before the development of whey and plant-based protein powders, many athletes, health, and nutrition enthusiasts relied on eggs and egg whites as an important part of their daily nutrition intake. Eggs are an excellent source of high-quality protein that contains many other vital nutrients which can benefit a healthy lifestyle and eating habits when used in moderation. True Nutrition‘s Whole Egg Protein can also help to fulfill these needs!

A large whole egg will typically contain 6g of total protein, in addition to approximately 5g of total fat and up to 1g of total carbohydrates. In powder form, a 30g Serving of Whole Egg Protein Powder will contain 14g of protein, 12.1g of total fat, and 1.5g of total carbohydrates. Eggs are also a good source of vitamins B2 and B12, as well as a variety of minerals, including iron, phosphorus, and selenium. Most importantly, eggs serve as a valuable source of Biotin (or Vitamin H), which the body requires for natural energy production.

Whole Egg Protein Powder is derived through a simple drying process that converts liquid egg materials into a powder form that offers numerous applications. The dried powder can be used to enhance the nutritional content of baked goods and other recipes, or it can be used as a stand-alone ingredient when mixed in to a liquid shake. This provides all of the same great nutrients that can be found in raw eggs without the need for cooking. As an added benefit, the pasteurization process that is required enhances the digestibility of the egg proteins, raising the digestion rate from 51% in raw eggs to approximately 90-100% in the finished powder, offering a considerable increase overall. Pasteurization also inhibits the biotin-binding protein avidin, which is essential to the body’s update of this vital nutrient.

As a dietary supplement, Whole Egg Protein Powder is commonly used in wholefoods meal replacement formulas and as an addition to some post-workout protein formulas depending on an individual’s protein and nutrient requirements each day. Whole Egg Protein Powder has a strong, sulfury taste that is best masked using Chocolate or Vanilla-type flavors. True Nutrition offers Whole Egg Protein Powder either as a stand-alone ingredient, or as an additive in a custom protein formula. Egg White Protein Powder is also offered as a cholesterol-free alternative, as well.

Please be sure to check the macronutrient profile of the Whole Egg Protein Powder to make sure that it fits your personal health requirements.

It is our goal to help you meet your goals, and adding True Nutrition‘s Whole Egg Protein Powder to your daily diet may be the key to your continued success! Ask us how Whole Egg Protein Powder can complement your current diet and exercise plan today!

*DISCLAIMER: The above description is provided for information only and does not constitute medical advice. Please consult your physician or the appropriately licensed professional before engaging in a program of exercise or nutritional supplementation. No information in this site has been reviewed by the FDA. No product is intended to treat, diagnose, or cure any disease.


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