Ubiquinol & Heart Health

As we continue on our journey through life, fitness, and overall wellbeing, it is important to constantly re-evaluate ourselves and the things around us. From our jobs to our workout routines to the supplements we put in our bodies, everything, in theory, should have a purpose with self-improvement as an underlying theme. As True Nutrition athletes, we know you are optimizing your daily routine in order to smash the goals you set for yourself, and as your partner in this mission, it is our responsibility to help in any way we can.

One supplement that could be highly beneficial to your training and overall well-being is Ubiquinol. Stemming from the word “ubiquitous,” Ubiquinol is an essential enzyme found in almost all cells and used for many bodily functions. Adding Ubiquinol to your daily regimen could prove to be a long term difference maker, especially as you start to get older.

The Facts

Ubiquinol is the reduced version (un-oxidized, electron full) form of Coenzyme Q10, or CoQ10 for short. The oxidized state of Ubiquinol is called Ubiquinone, and is often found as a supplement as well. The advantage to supplementing with Ubiquinol is that it has an absorption rate 7 times greater than that of Ubiquinone. Additionally, our bodies must convert Ubiquinone to Ubiquinol before transferring it through the bloodstream, so the un-oxidized form is preferred. Additionally, Ubiquinol is unique as it is a lipid (fat) soluble enzyme. This is important to note because it can easily attach itself to cells, and the powerful antioxidant properties it possesses can efficiently fight off damaging free radicals. More on this below.


So, what does Ubiquinol do? One of the biggest benefits we see in Ubiquinol is its role in ATP production, which is essentially what your body uses for energy at a molecular level. Supplementing with it has been shown to increase recovery times after exercise, as well as increase overall energy levels. To add to this, as mentioned above, Ubiquinol is a powerful antioxidant that is very effective in fighting off free radicals. Free radicals within cells can cause damage the organelles and is thought to be a potential cause of cancer.

Ubiquinol is also making a name for itself by aiding in general heart health and helping those who have recently suffered a heart attack. According to the Cleveland Heart Lab*, “patients who received CoQ10 soon after a heart attack had a much lower rate of subsequent cardiac events over the next year than a control group.” Additionally, heart disease progression has been shown to dramatically decrease when Ubiquinol supplements are used.

Supplementing with Ubiquinol

A dose of anywhere between 200 – 300mg per day is generally considered standard. People over the age of 40 tend to have a difficult time synthesizing CoQ10, so supplementing could be especially beneficial. Additionally, consuming food containing Ubiquinol is highly recommended.

Ubiquinol is a very powerful supplement for both athletes and those simply looking to improve their overall health. For those looking to take advantage of the cardiovascular benefits and antioxidant and energy boosting properties, True Nutrition is proud to offer Ubiquinol in easy to swallow soft gels.

We know you are always looking for the best ways to take your health and training to the next level, and since day one it has been our goal to support you along your journey. Never settle for anything but what you’ve set out to achieve. Stay hungry. Keep the focus – we see you.

Yours in health,

True Nutrition



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