TN Customer Spotlight: Taylor Moody!

TN Customer spotlight on Taylor Moody!  A personal trainer who has his mind on health and wellness but is also trying to finish school and get their degree in Construction Management.  Taylor has a lot on his plate and we he’s going to keep doing what he cares about and what you loves!  Check him out



Personal trainer


What sports/activities do you participate in?

All recreational: Bodybuilding/strength-training, bicycling, swimming, exploration.

What are your top priorities at this moment in your life?

Health/wellness, obtaining a BA degree in Construction Management, and enjoying my life and the people in it.


What does your nutrition and diet routine look like? How do your goals influence your nutrition and diet?

My routine is regimented, plant based, and centered around my strength-training needs.


What is your favorite thing about

I feel like I’m getting a quality product at a reasonable price. The ability to make a custom blend is incredible.


What TrueNutrition products do you?

I use the custom blend maker to make a vegan protein powder using Pea, Rice, Hemp, Cranberry, and Alfalfa protein powders. Multiple sources for a balanced amino profile!


What is your favorite hobby/past time?

Bicycle trail riding

What is a fun, weird, and/or interesting fact about yourself?

I like to dance. Throw on some good tunes and my body moves!


Do you have a ig/ fb/

Instagram: taylorintact


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