TN Customer Spotlight: Sean Jeffries

Here at TrueNutrition, we often wonder about the person behind each custom blend order. What motivates them each day to wake up, and push their body and mind to the limit with hard work and dedication, and continue to commit to keeping a pure, clean, and healthy lifestyle? Our team members smile as we look over the ingredients our patrons add into their custom blends, wondering what activities they do each day, and how their mixes help them stay strong, healthy, and capable of achieving the best results with each workout. As we all know, there’s a lot more to each of athlete than statistics and measurements – it’s not just about how big the biceps are or how quickly the mile is run, it’s about the person, too.

This week, our focus fell on Sean Jeffries, a loyal TrueNutrition customer who has an incredible backstory we can’t get out of our heads.

Growing up, Sean was an elite skateboarder sponsored by several companies, and was continually traveling around the world, competing in some of the biggest amateur contests. Skateboarding was in his blood – his mom had taught him to skate once he could walk, and his passion only grew from there. Sean dedicated his childhood and teenage years to the sport, determined to become a professional skateboarder no matter what it cost. But as he missed out life’s opportunities and experiences, including friendships, proms, and graduations, Sean realized realized how much had given up while traveling and staying fixed on one sport.

“Then one day I just decided to change my outlook on life. Without much warning or notice, I stopped skateboarding, dropped all my sponsors, and decided to join the Navy to become a Rescue Swimmer,” Sean explained.
Curiously enough, the ‘outlook on life’ that drove Sean away from skateboarding and towards the Navy had hit him out of nowhere. “I just knew one day I wanted to go to college, but that my family couldn’t afford it at that time. I wanted to have a stable career and family life, and have something I could look back on and be proud of accomplishing,” Sean said. He had just turned nineteen when he quit skateboarding and walked away from the sport and his sponsors.

After doing some research, Sean discovered that he came from a military family with a long history of service to their country, and that his dad’s father had been a distinguished pilot in the Navy. And more exploration, Sean realized that if he was willing to sacrifice his time and work for it, a career in the Navy could provide him with everything he wanted out of life: an education, an accomplishment to be proud of and look back on, and the ability to provide education for his own family someday. Ultimately, Sean wrote his own history: “I joined to become a Navy Search and Rescue Swimmer. I knew it was something that was going to challenge me and help determine what kind of man I truly was.”

Once he was in the Navy, Sean began to learn the importance of nutrition and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and how that would benefit him in his career as a rescue swimmer. He came across while scrolling through social media, decided to give it a try, and quickly became hooked.

“TrueNutrition has amazing quality products and the products I use allow me to incorporate them into my diet and lifestyle daily with ease. The ability to design my protein powders in a way that is tailored to my specific diet and outgoing lifestyle is fantastic.”

Sean now competes in triathlons and water polo, and maintains a strict diet and physique that helps him perform at peak levels while doing the physical things he enjoys the most. Maintaining a pure and healthy lifestyle makes living easier, more fulfilling, and more beneficial overall. Proper nutrition and pure products keep Sean healthy, and he is never limited when it comes to participating in any physical activities, because he remains vigilant and aware of what he’s putting into his body each day. Sean’s favorite product, besides his custom blends, is the TrueNutrition New Zealand Grass-Fed Whey, which he uses before and after his triathlon training sessions.

“I have a lot more confidence now that I have muscle definition and an athletic physique, unlike my nineteen-year-old self that had no chest and couldn’t even lift ninety-five pounds up once on a flat bench. It doesn’t matter how late you start, or where you’re level of physicality is when you start, as long as you start, and True Nutrition has made that enjoyable and incredibly beneficial for me.”

After his Navy service was complete, Sean attended Florida State University and earned two Bachelor’s degrees in 3 ½ years (one in criminology and one in psychology). He still felt the need to serve his country, so he now works for Homeland Security. “True Nutrition has been the best supplement company I’ve used thus far,” Sean noted. We say the same about our the brave military men and women in our armed forces who serve, honor, and protect our country each day! OR We are honored to serve those who have served our country here at TrueNutrition.

When asked about advice he would give to other athletes, Sean responded with “chase your goals and use the fear of failing as motivation. Thrive on your fears. They’ll keep you driven and focused. Everyone fails and all the people that have ever been great at something had to start off at the bottom. Work hard for what you want out of life and don’t give in to the days that are tough and weigh you down. You will be tired, sore, unmotivated, and you’ll question why. The answer to the question lies within the very reason you first started.”

Thank you, Sean, for your continued loyalty as a TrueNutrition customer and for your continued commitment to the TrueNutrition lifestyle. Good luck in your triathlons!

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