TN Customer Spotlight: Krystal Miller!

TN Customer spotlight on Krystal Miller!  She’s a self proclaimed bookworm but don’t let that fool you, she can lift with the best of them! Events floor planner for trade shows, active reader, outdoors woman?  Seems like Krystal has a good handle on things all over the board.  Make sure to check her out!



Tradeshow/Corporate Events Floor Planner


What sports/activities do you participate in?

Powerlifting, Obstacle Racing, hiking/long-distance hiking

What are your top priorities at this moment in your life?

My faith, my family, my health, my sport


What does your nutrition and diet routine look like? How do your goals influence your nutrition and diet?

Mostly whole foods, 4-6 meals/day, minimum 1 gallon water, LOTS of protein. My training dictates my macro breakdowns and timing, as far as can be adhered to (when life/work does not throw curve balls)


What is your favorite thing about

Custom Protein Mixes, high quality and great taste!


What TrueNutrition products do you?

Mostly the custom proteins, although I have tried out some of the straight powders like Creatine and Caffeine for use in my own mixes.


What is your favorite hobby/past time?

Lifting, reading, being outdoors

What is a fun, weird, and/or interesting fact about yourself?

I’m a 5′ tall book-worm with a snarl to rival DLB’s! Although still working on getting her pumpkin-sized delts….also hold State, Collegiate, National, and World records in my powerlifting federation (WABDL). Branching out soon to full-power meets. Hiked the entire Appalachian Trail (2189 miles) in 2013.


Do you have a ig/ fb/


One thought on “TN Customer Spotlight: Krystal Miller!

  1. Gary J. Miller says:

    She is my Princess, dedicated, determined, driven by an inner sense of achievement. She is intelligent, Beautiful, and extremely powerful, and I am so proud of my daughter. 🏋🏻❤️💃🏻🕺🏻👽

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