TN Customer Spotlight: Katie Longo

Here we are with the True Nutrition customer spotlight, Katie Longo.  Now just like our protein where there are a so many different mixes, our supporters are all different as well!  Katie was kind enough to answer some questions from us.



Law Student


What sports/activities do you participate in?

Cycling, yoga, jogging slowly


What are your top priorities at this moment in your life?

School, family



What does your nutrition and diet routine look like? How do your goals influence your nutrition and diet?

I tend to stick to the same main foods for breakfast, and then cycle through different lunches and dinners based on what I have batch cooked that week. I don’t consider myself an athlete or someone who is particularly committed to fitness. My goals are more about eating healthfully as a vegan and I am mindful of protein for that reason.


What is your favorite thing about

I love all the different custom options. Also, I *hate* stevia. It is in almost every vegan protein powder and is so difficult to avoid. I love that I can order whatever I want and always have the option to not sweeten it.



What TrueNutrition products do you use to maintain your nutrition and dietary goals?

I have used custom protein powders, BCAAs, and the vegan protein optimizer.



What is your favorite hobby/past time?

Watching movies



What is a fun, weird, and/or interesting fact about yourself?

I have never eaten a big mac!

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