TN Customer Spotlight: Jamie S

TN Customer spotlight on Jamie S!  Not all customers use protein or supplements just for working out or bodybuilding.  Some use them for health purposes and that’s exactly what Jamie is doing!  She’s a first time customer and True Nutrition and we hope to see her back.  She’s seeing the benefits of creating your own protein and adding in a specific boost you might want or need.  True Nutrition is for all and we hope that we can help everyone in one way or another Jamie included!  So here’s to new relationships! Jamie is an amazing mother and wife and we encourage you to check her out!



Health Insurance Agent-Self Emp.

What sports/activities do you participate in?



What are your top priorities at this moment in your life?

Managing my husband’s care fighting pancreatic cancer, kids, and work.


What does your nutrition and diet routine look like? How do your goals influence your nutrition and diet?

I want to increase my energy and strength



What is your favorite thing about

That I can customize our protein powder. Hoping we like it. First order is on the way.


What TrueNutrition products do you use to maintain your nutrition and dietary goals?

So far just trying protein powder.



What is your favorite hobby/past time?

Decorating the house. Learning to cook healthier.

What is a fun, weird, and/or interesting fact about yourself?

I like British shows or different cultures of living to watch. As an escape from our American culture. Like Amish or Polygamy. Just why or how they do things. And I have soaked up natural ways of living yet LOVE my wine!



Do you have a ig/ fb/

I don’t post much on Instagram or Twitter.

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