TN Customer Spotlight: Meet Elizabeth Mustain

We created True Nutrition to embrace the uniqueness in each and every one of our customers, and Elizabeth is no exception. A lover of beach volleyball, hiking, and her Vegan High Iron Super Chocolate Blend, we are honored to provide Elizabeth with the energy she needs as she plans her upcoming wedding and to fuel some killer dance moves at her reception.

Meet True Nutrition athlete, Elizabeth!

Current City:
Hermosa Beach, CA

Beach Volleyball, Dance, Hiking, Weight Training & Yoga

My favorite song to workout to is:
One of my favorite songs to play when I need an extra push to step it up or get through a workout is “Outta Your Mind” by Lil Jon. I love high energy hip hop/R&B/pop songs to get me through tough circuits. I used to dance competitively in high school and college and even coached for a few years before grad school and work took over all of my time. I may not have the same skills from my twenties but high energy dance beats always give me motivation to get moving!

Favorite motivational quote:
I’m all about balance and portion control when it comes to nutrition and our cravings. I feel that when we deprive ourselves of a food we want, we end up overindulging later. I don’t like the phrase “cheat meal” or “cheat” anything really as it implies doing something negative. But, such phrases are common in the fitness world and I think that’s why the following is one my favorite motivational quotes: “Fitness is like marriage. You can’t cheat on it and expect it to work.”

My Nutrition would be described as:
Vegetarian/Plant Based. Treating my body and the world kindly lead me to a cruelty free, plant based lifestyle and nutrition plan. I love customizing my own blend with so many vegan and flavor options; all with great taste!

In my spare time I love:
Traveling and getting outdoors with my fiance. We love to hike and snorkel when we go on vacations.

Interesting Fact:
I do pretty good monkey and elephant noise impressions.

TrueNutrition Must Have’s:
My custom protein blend: Elizabeth’s Vegan High Iron Super Chocolate Blend is my favorite! I also love the vanilla and pumpkin spice protein powders I’ve purchased (not customized).

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