TN Customer Spotlight: Elizabeth D

TN Customer spotlight on Elizabeth D!  From being a teacher and training for crossfit one thing she makes sure of is her happiness!  We love it!  We’d love for everyone to be happy and work together and thats the vibe Elizabeth is giving off.  Don’t believe us?  Check her out for yourself, the photos say it all!





What sports/activities do you participate in?


What are your top priorities at this moment in your life?

Finiding happiness


What does your nutrition and diet routine look like? How do your goals influence your nutrition and diet?

I want to increase my energy and strength



What is your favorite thing about



What TrueNutrition products do you use to maintain your nutrition and dietary goals?

Casein and oatmeal. Looking to try the protein.


What is your favorite hobby/past time?



What is a fun, weird, and/or interesting fact about yourself?

I have a scar on my lip from being bit by a dog!



Do you have a ig/ fb/

Facebook: Elizabeth Mary, Instagram: elizabethmaryy

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