TN Customer Spotlight: Brian Grant

Spotlight of the day goes to True Nutrition supporter Brian Grant.  Here at True Nutrition we pride ourselves on how diverse our user base is.  Every customer is different just like his or hers needs to create a personal protein mix.  Brian Grant is no exception in having his favorite TN mix along with a unique set of hobbies.  We asked Brian a few questions about his hobbies in ballet dancing and car racing and he gave us a little back-story.


TN:      You mentioned you are a professional dance artist, and also do bodybuilding and car racing. Can you tell us more about your journey and how you got involved in those activities.

BG:    Ballet started when I was 14 years old, and VERY hyperactive. My sister was in dance classes and my mom decided it might be something good for me to try. At first, it wasn’t for me, but then I discovered Mikhail Baryshnikov while watching the movie “White Nights”, and I was hooked! Mikhail is to Ballet what Arnold Schwarzenegger is to Bodybuilding. He completely changed the game, and to this day is the GOAT. 

    Car customization and racing was also inspired by films, but also my dad. When I was growing up, I’d sit an watch CART racing on TV with him, and then The Fast and the Furious  came out and I had to have a sweet car! Now, I drive a 2004 Mazda Miata with Tein S-Tech Springs, AEM Short Ram Intake and TR7 wheels with sticky tires.

    Bodybuilding for me started for me much more recently; I joined the Dayton Performing Arts Alliance in 2012 and they were all about “Crosstraining”. A friend of mine there Paul Gilliam got me on the right track of Bangin’ and Clangin’ and now’s its all day, every day bodybuilding.

TN:      You mentioned you are in the process of beginning your own dance company! We’d like to hear all about that…

BG:    Oh yeah! I feel its everyone’s dream to own something. I’m not into owning a house or anything like that, but ownership of an idea…now that’s something I can get behind. I got my LLC started last summer, an i’m gradually getting the funds and dancers together to do a project company called “Midwest Repertory Ballet”. My goal with the company is to help dancers with getting performance opportunities without the drama or stagnation of being in a full time company. I also want it to be a smaller, more intimate group of dancers; this way we can tour around the Midwest region bringing Dance Performance to the people.


TN:      How did you first find out about TrueNutrition? How do our products help you in achieving your help and nutrition goals?

BG:    I will defer back to my friend Paul Gilliam from Dayton, OH. He had suggested I look into protein from TN and I found a sweet deal on 16bs of Whey. We went in halfsies and I was so impressed by the quality and taste of the protein, I decided to look around at the other products. I haven’t been disappointed since.



TN:      You’re a loyal customer of ours who creates some awesome custom protein mixes. Would you like to share any of your custom blends, or recipes or tips?

BG:    I have two blends that i’ve liked the most personally. If its a pre-workout or for a morning smoothie, I like a 40% Rice Protein/ 60% Whey Pro Iso blend. If its Post-workout or post car trip and i’m getting hangry, I have a 50% Micellar Casein/ 50% Whey Pro Iso to keep me calm until I can find food.



TN:      What advice would you give other athletes?

BG:    I think the most important thing to realize is that its ok to fail. ITS THE FOUNDATION OF BODYBUILDING! You need to fail to grow. If you lose your job, that’s ok; now, you have all the opportunities in the world ahead of you. If you get injured, take the time to come back right and become stronger than ever. AND NEVER, let anyone tell you that your “crazy idea” isn’t allowed, wanted or needed. 

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