Interview With Brandon of Lift Big Eat Big

Brandon Morrison is a powerlifter, nutrition enthusiast, trainer and founder of the popular strength training website Lift Big Eat Big. When not pushing himself in the gym, the dynamic and personable Morrison can be found in the kitchen or in the field exploring creative and delicious recipes as he, like most weightlifters, recognizes to make […]

Banana Chocolate Chip Protein Muffins

Courtesy of 10 Grams of Protein/15 Grams of Carbohydrates/140 Calories/4.5 Grams of Fat Prep Time: Fifteen Minutes Bake Time: Twenty Minutes Servings: Eight Muffins   Every serious athlete knows how important it is to put the right kind of fuel in their body. Whether they are grinding out squats, pumping leg presses, or crushing goals […]

Custom Protein Generator

One of our primary goals as a company is to provide the very best protein products on the market. We have proven our dedication to this mission by implementing unheard of industry standards, including third party testing as well as investing in complete control and oversight of the manufacturing process. One of the key benefits […]

Introducing True Nutrition Flavor Sample Packs!

We salute the committed. The up before dawn/deadlifts for dinner/always on the grind committed. However, when it comes to protein powder and the many flavor variations we offer, we can certainly understand a healthy fear of committing to a large order before knowing whether or not you really enjoy the taste. No one wants to […]

Chocolate Cherry Protein Truffle Recipe

Photo and recipe courtesy of Meg Gunther of If you are looking for a simple and easy to make vegetarian friendly protein snack, then you will be head over heels for these amazing Chocolate Cherry Protein Truffles! You’re going to want to make sure to use a vegan rice or pea protein for this recipe, […]

Plantain Protein Waffle With Mixed Berry Recipe

Photo and recipe courtesy of Meg Gunther of If you’re looking for something sweet and reminiscent of a casual weekend morning, but don’t want to sacrifice performance for flavor, then look no further. These amazing Plantain Waffles are delicious and are packed full of all of the nutritional benefits your body needs to perform […]

Introducing True Nutrition Athlete and Guest Blogger Meg Gunther

“I love True Nutrition’s products because they allow me to have versatility in the supplements I use.” -Meg Gunther We’ve never been about hyped up athlete contracts or paying for empty endorsements. Our customers become loyalists because they align with our values and believe in our products. However, this is a two way street as […]

Why Paleo Protein?

We started True Nutrition because we knew that the community was looking for high quality protein powders and supplements that weren’t crammed full of harmful fillers and low quality ingredients. When we started, we focused on the bodybuilding community because it’s close to our hearts and is what we know best. However, we are a […]

Custom Oatmeal – 4 Super Packed Blends

Every year there are bigger and bolder claims about which superfoods are going to revolutionize our diets. However, these fad foods tend to make a big splash and then eventually drift away into obscurity. This doesn’t mean that these super foods don’t hold any nutritional value; it just means that they are marketed like a […]

True Vegan – The Benefits of Vegan Protein and Supplements

There was a time, not long ago, when the thought of a vegan bodybuilder or endurance athlete was well…laughable. However, times are changing and our mindset in regards to the vegan athlete is evolving rapidly. As more and more athletes become aware of the health and sustainability benefits of a vegan diet, the more evidence […]