TN Customer Spotlight: Meet Elizabeth Mustain

We created True Nutrition to embrace the uniqueness in each and every one of our customers, and Elizabeth is no exception. A lover of beach volleyball, hiking, and her Vegan High Iron Super Chocolate Blend, we are honored to provide Elizabeth with the energy she needs as she plans her upcoming wedding and to fuel […]

TN Customer Spotlight: Brian Grant

Spotlight of the day goes to True Nutrition supporter Brian Grant.  Here at True Nutrition we pride ourselves on how diverse our user base is.  Every customer is different just like his or hers needs to create a personal protein mix.  Brian Grant is no exception in having his favorite TN mix along with a […]

5 Workouts That Are Better With a Swolemate

Hallmark holiday or not, Valentine’s Day is no joke. This year you decided to go all out and do something special. You planned ahead and got the fancy dinner reservation. You pre-ordered the movie tickets and already have the prime seats blocked off in the theatre. Flowers? Got ‘em. Chocolate? No brainer. Then you think […]

Vanilla Chai Protein Granola

Photo courtesy of Meg Gunther of While we all look forward to the warm days of summer, the True Athlete knows the off-season is where the hard work is put in and the real gains are made. Just like keeping your workout routine fresh and diverse, ensuring your diet is appetizing and enjoyable can […]

Benefits of L-Glutamine

Maximizing workouts and ensuring you’re not cannibalizing hard earned gains can be a lot easier said than done. Both bodybuilders and endurance athletes alike are more often than not trying to maintain an anabolic state, and do so in a number of different ways. As we’ve mentioned in previous blog posts, it is important to […]

TN Customer Spotlight: Sean Jeffries

Here at TrueNutrition, we often wonder about the person behind each custom blend order. What motivates them each day to wake up, and push their body and mind to the limit with hard work and dedication, and continue to commit to keeping a pure, clean, and healthy lifestyle? Our team members smile as we look […]

Protein Intake Options

More often than not, the diet of a bodybuilder or athlete is pegged as boring, monotonous, and bland. With oven-baked chicken over rice and post-workout protein shakes being a staple, some people find it difficult to add variety when it comes to sticking to a diet designed to help achieve their strength and fitness goals. […]

New Year Habits – What To Pick Up and What To Ditch

As you are well aware, the human body is a machine that constantly responds and adapts to stressors and stimuli. Habits, whether they are considered good or bad, are the body’s way of addressing situations that present themselves over and over again. Unfortunately, when we continually put ourselves into similar situations, our brain recognizes the […]

Holiday Gains Guide

Finding the perfect gift this holiday season can be more difficult than finding an open bench on a Monday. The malls are all crowded, and with Christmas right around the corner, the normal weekend shopping adventure can easily take twice as long. Don’t waste your precious time! Get the athlete in your life what they […]

BCAA Breakdown – Leucine

Reaping the full benefits from your workouts should always be a priority, regardless of your skill level or how much weight you are putting up. Despite what you might see on social media, it takes much more than lifting weights or doing sprints to reach your goals. Understanding what is happening inside your muscles during […]