A-Bolic4™: Here’s What You Need to Know About This Revolutionary New Product

Ask anyone their fitness goal, and you won’t be too shocked when the top two answers are to ‘build muscle’ and ‘burn fat’. Well-known for his DC Training method and nutritional advice, True Nutrition founder Dante Trudel set out to create his own potent formula to revolutionize the bodybuilding industry— naturally. Formulated with 4 synergystic […]

TN Customer Spotlight: Brian Cristina

Customer spotlight onBrian Cristina!  Although he’s a new customer we wanted to let everyone who visits True Nutrition to feel welcome.  Everyone has a place here and we all work together.  Brian’s a personal trainer who loves bodybuilding.  We’d assume it’s a good thing when someone loves what they do so much that they pursue a […]

TN Customer Spotlight: Megan Speropulos

Customer spotlight on Megan Speropulos!  Quite the extensive schooling in her background have a couple degrees and planning to go back to get her masters, she still has time to enjoy the outdoors and be strict with her diet!  A passion for helping people and a lifestyle consultant?!  Now this is deserves a spotlight!   Occupation: I […]

TN Customer Spotlight: Jessica James!

Customer spotlight on Jessica James.  We all know being a mother is hard, but how about a mother of 2!?  Even harder now add on the occupation of an EMT and watching your nutrition intake…  now that’s astonishing.  But hey, thats Jessica for you, another one of our amazing customers, check her out!     Occupation: EMT […]

TN Customer Spotlight Logan Bernart

Customer spotlight on Logan Bernart!  A student who has big dreams.  Plans to stay on a healthy vegan diet and get stronger (he studies something a little unique as well)  Check him out! Occupation: Student. What sports/activities do you participate in? Indoor soccer and weightlifting.   What are your top priorities at this moment in your […]

Which Whey Do You Go?

With hundreds of different proteins and supplements available on the market today, it is easy to get overwhelmed and confused as to what the best additions to your diet may be. Dishonest nutrition companies using fancy packaging and misleading names do anything to bulk up their bottom line, and do so at YOUR expense! If […]

TN Customer Spotlight: Beau Basinger

Customer spotlight on Beau Basinger!  He loves to travel and stay active and stays within his nutrition goals with True Nutrition products.  All around good guy and we want to give him the spotlight! Occupation: Tour manager   What sports/activities do you participate in? CrossFit, track, power lifting, surfing, snowboarding What are your top priorities at this […]

TN Customer Spotlight: Renee Gonzalez

True Nutrition customer spotlight this time around is Renee Gonzalez!  Renee knows exactly what she wants and orders it that way!  With a few hobbies under her belt while working as a police officer!?  How does she do it!   Occupation: Police Officer   What sports/activities do you participate in? Horseback riding, weight lifting   […]

Going Green in 2017

As athletes, we all understand the importance of filling our bodies with healthy foods and clean supplements in order to get bigger, lift heavier, run faster, and increase longevity. From the beginning, our driving force here at True Nutrition has been our responsibility to provide you with the cleanest proteins and supplements on the market […]

TN Customer Spotlight: Katie Longo

Here we are with the True Nutrition customer spotlight, Katie Longo.  Now just like our protein where there are a so many different mixes, our supporters are all different as well!  Katie was kind enough to answer some questions from us.   Occupation: Law Student   What sports/activities do you participate in? Cycling, yoga, jogging slowly […]