Plant-Based Chick’n Bites with @vegan_danielle

Smoothies and shakes are amazing staples, but have you ever thought of using protein powders as part of a main dish? True Nutrition athlete @vegan_danielle shares how she creates a faux fried “chikn” recipe, with tofu and True Nutrition Pea Protein Isolate. It’s gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan (of course), and 100% delicious. Read on to learn […]

Micronutrients and Immune Function Made Simple by a Registered Dietitian

April 7 of each year marks the celebration of World Health Day! World Health Day is an annual day to celebrate and discuss the important health issues that impact us all. In honor of World Health Day, we brought in Tiffany Ma, Registered Dietitian, to discuss the ways you can keep yourself and your immune system important during this time.

Overcoming Obstacles with @jmiles_official

25 DAYS OUT: Jermaine Miles (AKA @jmiles_official) is just 25 short days from the South East National Championship where he’ll be competing among other Classic Physique athletes in an attempt to obtain his pro card. No stranger to a good challenge, Jermaine admits he likes being able to push himself to the limit and see […]

Refeed to Refuel: Cyclical Keto Q&A with @nutrientdieting

(Plus— a tasty keto-friendly recipe for Wild Berry “Dough-tein” Muffins) You’ve likely heard the term ‘keto’ slung around more frequently than ‘low fat’ or ‘sugar-free’ over the last few years. But did you know that there are different types of Keto? We caught up with Daniel Calabrese (AKA Cala) to discuss Cyclical Keto. This diet […]

Shay’s Plate: A Figure Competitor’s Day of Food

Meet Shay: a 27-year old Air Force vet and bodybuilder/Figure Competitor. She’s overcome mountains to be where she’s at, and she’s only getting started. Today she shares with us how she trains and fuels her body on a regular basis to maintain her beautifully sculpted physique. Finding Inspiration “I became a bodybuilder because I hated […]

“…But Where Do You Get Your Protein?”

What exactly does a Vegan bodybuilder eat? 358g of protein, 703g of carbohydrates and 109g of fat all bundled into roughly 5200 calories. Read on to see how these meals are broken up!

15 Apps to Kick it Into Gear (Post-Quarantine)

Let’s be real. Some of us have done really well with our at-home workouts, and the rest of us— well, we’ve faltered a bit. Perhaps you simply couldn’t buy dumbbells fast enough, or your gym shut its doors faster than you can say ‘resistance band’. Whatever your goals are post-quarantine, we’ve rounded up 15 apps to help you get back on track with nutrition, hydration or fitness— depending on your goals and what you’re into.