So Dante what do you take for supplements?

I am always asked what I take for supplements. Its not something I am entirely comfortable with stating because I am half owner of a supplement company and I never ever want to look like Im pushing someone toward buying something. But as you shall see I take alot of supplements Truenutrition doesnt even carry. I take supplements after years of getting blood work to see where my deficiencies are, and have fixed every problem with nutritional supplements Ive ever had.

And I take supplements that have longterm proven benefits on health, anti-cancer etc. I do everything in my power to drop supplements where there hasnt been an effect on my bloodwork, or studies have come out showing detrimental results over time. So Im always trying to drop useless supplements if I can prove it to myself they should be dropped.

Areas I needed improvement on were HDL, which always stayed in the 32 to 34 range. I have brought it up over 40 with supplements and grass fed organic meats. Vitamin D I have brought up into normal levels.

This is what I currently take (and again i want to remind everyone, this is me, my unique body chemistry.and I have access to alot of supplements for free so I am not recommending everyone follow my lead, this is just what I do according to my bloodwork results and what I feel is important for longterm health)

CO Q10: heart health, and a myriad of other health benefits

Multi Vit/Min:  obvious reasons

Vitamin D: HDL, testosterone, (the whole nation as a society seems to be deficient in vitamin D)

TP Joint Support: I am one of the rare longtime bodybuilders who has never suffered a tear or major injury

Bilberry Extract:  eyesight, I am still only one in my family that doesnt need glasses

Beta Gluons: (I feel so very strongly about this supplement. It is the best immune system supplement I know of, and it also looks to be one of the very best anti cancer supplements there is in existence)

milk thistle liver support

TP Psyllium Capsules: regularity

Creatine Monohydrate: (the most studied VERSION (monohydrate) and effective bodybuilding product ever made if you study what it does longterm for you)

Instantized Leucine and Instantiated bcaa4x a day (probably the most productive thing I’ve done for retaining muscle mass)

glutamine: (gut health)

Taurine: (for cramping while on creatine monohydrate) but I haven’t been cramping so i havent been taking it

Grape Seed Extract: antioxidant and heart health. I used to take resveratrol but I am cheap..LOL

Niacin: I take for HDLA (1000mg morning and nite)

Prostate supplement: I use the life extension prostate brand, it also has 10mg of lycomato in it

Baby Aspirin: (blood lucidity)

Humanofort: I am trying this out. I am giving it a test run. I am leaning toward discontinuing it as I’ve been on it about 60 days and I am not seeing what others have seen with it.

L-tyrosine: Just to get some focus and energy because I have so much on my plate all the time in many areas, I struggle with burnout.

guggulsterones: My bloodwork as far as thyroid is stellar, and I attribute it to this, it also has some research to raising HDL

Green Tea Extract: along with vitamin D and curcumin, Green Tea Extract is about as important as a supplement as you can get, as far as anti cancer, metabolic aid, and all around health is concerned. Catechins besides being a fat burner also in theory can raise your metabolism by up to 3-4%

Garlic: After not being sick for quite a few years (which I attribute to when I started using Beta Glucans) I got the flu really bad in January and it screwed me up for 2 months. Then I got a cold again later. (this is rare for me after the beta glucans usage like I said, so I started taking garlic too as it’s dirt cheap)

Policosanol: I struggle with taking this one. In fact I was going to drop it, but then my bloodwork 2 weeks ago showed my HDL at its highest it has been in years and now I don’t know if its the policosanol or the slight diet changes I have made (im 90% sure its diet related) but because my HDL was up, Im afraid to remove it now

Curcumin: An anticancer, anti cardiomyapathy, heck I could go all day with it with what it does healthwise. I rate this supplement as top 3 importance for longterm health (especially for bodybuilders)

Pregnenolone: I take it because my doctor likes his patients to take it.and thats pretty much the only reason to make him happy

Zinc Magnesium Asparate: I have a very very very hard time relaxing, sleep is always a struggle for me (especially in the middle of the night. I can fall asleep fine, its staying asleep thats the problem, I wake up and the gears start turning, I find this helps me sleep)

IP6: Very underrated supplements, its a iron chelation, which I theorize keeps my iron count down somewhat and thru a long cycle of events keeps my hematocrit and hemoglobin from rising too high, along with that it has very important anti-cancer properties. You should take IP6 in the middle of the night as it can interfere with other nutrients.

Quercetin: Up there with curcumin, green tea and others as far as a potent longterm health supplement.

My latest bloodwork: cholesterol was 156, every single other level was perfect except as always my HDL is right around 40 which is in range but I would love it to be higher, so that’s why you see me taking niacin, guggulsterones, policosonal, etc. I did a 6 month run of coconut oil which is supposed to raise HDL pretty dramatically and it actually went down so I dumped that. The last year I have eaten more and more organically with much more grass fed meats and I attribute that to my HDL rising.

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  1. James Bergman says:

    Wow, do you take all of these every day? That is a lot. However, I do think you are smart about what you are taking. You are just trying to make sure your body gets what it needs and do the bloodwork to make sure. I doubt most people do this, but it is probably the best way to go about taking supplements.

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