Shay’s Plate: A Figure Competitor’s Day of Food

Meet Shay: a 27-year old Air Force vet and bodybuilder/Figure Competitor. She’s overcome mountains to be where she’s at, and she’s only getting started. Today she shares with us how she trains and fuels her body on a regular basis to maintain her beautifully sculpted physique.

Finding Inspiration

“I became a bodybuilder because I hated the way my body looked; my family had this ongoing joke that I was ‘1 buttermilk biscuit away’ from being fat. So, I was blessed when my 1st husband introduced me to the gym and I saw these beautiful muscular women— I knew I wanted to look just like them!

I would go on to compete in 2 local shows— placing 2nd and 3rd overall! A lot of life has happened to me since that last show, I’ve been married twice and divorced twice. The 2nd marriage was to an abusive man, who unbeknownst to him, did the opposite of what he was trying to do: he made me stronger instead of weak— especially mentally

I’ve also managed to understand myself a little better each day, like what my purpose in life is. I know my purpose is to help women and men of all ages, races and ethnicities to work on loving and strengthening themselves no matter what life throws at us. I believe part of this can be helped through diet and exercise, which is why I’m working towards my degree as a dietician.”

Training Regimen

As a Figure athlete, Shay is judged on her physique as soon as she steps on stage. Though the focus is on her body’s overall symmetry and muscular development, heavy emphasis is placed on round deltoids (‘boulder shoulders’), the quad sweep, and a sculpted back with a perfect ‘v-taper’.

The Goal is to Grow: Shay hits legs three times a week to develop strong, sculpted stage-ready stems. Credit:

Shay’s Tip:
“Don’t be afraid of weights. Women, I promise you lifting weights won’t make you look like a man! Think of your body like a piece of clay or even art and [that] the weights are a sculptor or an artist— building [and] defining a beautiful work of art. So if you want that nice, round, tight butt that sits up just right or tight arms with little to no jiggle, then you need to start lifting weights.”

Let’s Talk About Food

Everyone knows nutrition is the most important part of any program.

Shay strictly adheres to her custom meal plan— a well-rounded balance of protein, fat and carbs to fuel her muscles for her intense training sessions. “Don’t be afraid of food, healthy doesn’t mean bland or gross!” She states. “I do eat burgers and pizzas from time to time— and yes, I salt and use sauces on my food too.” Her best advice to make sure you stay on track? “Prepare your meal in advance. It makes life so much easier to just grab & go!”

What’s On the Menu?

Meal #1 is Shay’s favorite meal of the day: A frozen treat made with her Custom True Nutrition oatmeal (recipe below!)

1 scoop Protein Powder
¼ cup Oatmeal
½ cup Strawberries 
25g protein • 37g carbs • 320 cal

1 cup Egg Whites
1 cup Spinach
29g protein • 1g carbs • 127 cal

4oz Chicken
60g Jasmine Rice
½ cup Cucumber
32g protein • 21g carbs • 282 cal

4oz Chicken
100g Jasmine Rice
1 cup Cucumber
14 Almonds
32g protein • 32g carbs • 8g fat
282 cal

1 scoop Protein Powder
12 Almonds
25g protein • 7g fat • 203 cal

1 cup Egg Whites
1 cup Cucumber
28g protein • 4g carbs • 135 cal

Food is Important, but Don’t Forget to Hydrate—

“Drink lots of fluids. The benefits of water are crazy! It helps the body to get rid of toxins and the more you drink, the more your body pushes out. This helps in the long run with tightening your stomach muscles. (Flat belly or 6-pack here we come!)”

Shay’s Favorite

Blended Oats (Meal #1)

• ¼ cup True Nutrition oats (Shay flavors hers with Natural Carrot Cake & Stevia)
• ½ cup frozen strawberries
• 1 scoop fave protein
• 6oz water (OK to sub for almond or cashew milk)
You can add sweeteners if you like!

1. Place oats in blender and pulse until fine
2. Add remaining ingredients to blender and blend until smooth
3. Enjoy!! Quick, easy and yummy!

A balanced diet and training regimen takes a lot of work, but it’s always worth it. Hungry for more? Tune in every Friday to see our next featured #DayOfFood! Be sure to follow Shay’s journey on Instagram (@shaytheconqueror) for more inspiration.

Yours in Health,

True Nutrition

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