003 Secrets of the True Nutrition Website

The bodybuilding and fitness industry is filled with training and diet secrets that some spend a lifetime or fortune trying to uncover. Trust us, we get it, and while achieving your goals and breaking new barriers should be challenging, you should never have to feel like a foreign spy in a movie trying to crack the code to a safe with 10 seconds left before the bomb goes off! In contrast, True Nutrition is dedicated to being transparent and as helpful as possible in all aspects of our business. Whether it’s 3rd party testing to confirm the highest quality ingredients, or simply helping you navigate through the website to get the best deal, we strive to keep our number one priority YOU. We’d hate for you to feel like we’re hiding anything, so take a look at the three most overlooked features on our website, and leave the secrets and code cracking to the movie stars.

TN Outlet

The first aspect of our site you may not be familiar with is the True Nutrition Outlet Store. Located in the navigation under the “TN Community” tab, the outlet store has some awesome products at discounted prices. While quantities may be limited, the outlet store is constantly being restocked so make sure to keep an eye out and check it frequently. With prices 25% – 50% off, it’s a great place to find pre-made protein mixes that are already flavored. Additionally, pre-made oatmeal blends can be found there too! Even if you’re not on a strict budget, you never know, you could find just what you’re looking for at an even better price than normal. Visit the True Nutrition Outlet Store HERE.

Popular Mixes / Recent Mixes Tab

Another great resource that is under utilized on the True Nutrition website is the Popular Mixes / Recent Mixes tab on the Custom Protein Generator. Naturally, we are curious about what others are up to, so we made it possible for you to view other customer’s recent mixes and the most popular custom mixes. When you navigate to the protein generator, look to the right hand side of the page:

View the popular mixes on the left, and the recent custom mixes people have created on the right. You don’t have to copy exactly what someone else made, but learning what others use is a great starting place if you are new to the custom protein generator. To top it off, you can load any one of these into the generator and then modify it to meet your specific needs!

Share Custom Mixes

Remember the grammar school saying, “Sharing is Caring?” Even as adults this still holds true, which is why we made it possible to share your custom generated protein mix. For all the trainers and coaches out there, this is a great opportunity to connect with your client on a whole new level. Creating a protein formula designed specifically for your client’s goals is a feature found nowhere else. Take advantage of this by first creating the custom mix in the generator. From there, click the “Add To Cart” button, but instead of purchasing it, click the chainlink icon next to the Facebook and Twitter icons. This will give you a unique link that you can send to your client so they can purchase what you have created for them.

For anyone who is not a coach or trainer but has others asking what kind of protein they use, this will also come in handy, so be sure to take advantage of it!

Just like anything in life, there is the easy way and the hard way, but there’s no need to queue the James Bond music. We at True Nutrition are dedicated to clueing you in on all of the tips and tricks of the fitness and lifting world, especially when it involves our own website’s features. In fact, it is our obligation to call these things out! YOU are what motivates us to provide top notch quality proteins and supplements. Hitting your goals fuels our passion, and we appreciate it. Keep up the hard work, stay laser focused on your mission, and trust that we are backing you 100% of the way.


Yours In Health,

True Nutrition

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