Protein Intake Options

More often than not, the diet of a bodybuilder or athlete is pegged as boring, monotonous, and bland. With oven-baked chicken over rice and post-workout protein shakes being a staple, some people find it difficult to add variety when it comes to sticking to a diet designed to help achieve their strength and fitness goals. For those who struggle, getting creative in the kitchen can not only turn into something fun and educational, but can also make hitting your macros and crushing PRs more enjoyable. True Nutrition has compiled a few ideas and tips to spice up your protein powder consumption and make getting those gains an even more flavorful experience.

Protein pudding
If you haven’t tried this, you’re missing out! All you need are two simple ingredients: Greek yogurt and your favorite flavor of True Nutrition Protein. To make this divine pudding, take one scoop of protein powder and put it in a bowl. Then, take roughly 200g of greek yogurt (a couple spoonfuls) and mix it with the protein powder. Once it’s finally mixed and the desired consistency is reached, take a bite! The great tasting mix takes only 2 minutes to make and is a great way to get a high dose of protein and a moderate dose of carbohydrates. TN TIP: During the hot summer months, throw the protein pudding into the freezer before your workout. After about an hour or two, you’ll have a healthy frozen yogurt-like post-workout meal/dessert!

Protein shake with ice instead of the metal ball

If you have access to a freezer or ice maker, substituting the metal blender ball can significantly make slamming a protein shake more enjoyable. Adding ice to the liquid you put your protein powder in acts as a great mixer and will obviously chill the drink far more than tap water. While clearly this is a small adjustment, sipping on an ice cold drink is far more satisfying than the typical lukewarm temperature we are all accustomed to. TN TIP: Try changing up the liquid you mix with your protein powder. Substituting water with almond milk or blending up some fresh greens with your protein can be a quick fix to the curb any monotony you might be experiencing.

True Nutrition Sample Flavor Packs
Struggling to find the perfect tasting protein and not ready to commit to a bulk purchase? True Nutrition is proud to offer Protein Sample Packs: single serve packs of whey protein isolate or pea protein flavored with our popular TrueFlavors™! These are a great way to test what flavor you enjoy most before purchasing a 5 lb. jug. Additionally, if you just want to switch up the flavor of your greek yogurt pudding (see above) or need a certain flavor for a recipe, Sample Packs are a great way to go! Check out the flavors here!

My Engineered Nutrition Recipe
If you have some time on your hands and want to get a little wild in the kitchen, consider one of the delectable creations from Meg at My Engineered Nutrition. With step by step instructions and a full list of ingredients, these recipes take protein consumption to a whole new level. For those breakfast pastries that are so hard to say no to at the coffee shop, check out these Blueberry and Lemon Protein Scones; Perfect for the on-the-go morning rush when egg white scrambles aren’t an option. For the athletes with a sweet tooth, check out this recipe for Chocolate Cherry Protein Truffles. With 7.5g of protein, 11g of carbs and only 1.5g of fat per truffle, these vegan friendly treats will get you through any craving and keep you within your macros. Lastly, for those just looking for a midday snack packed with protein, take a peek at these Low Carb Protein Biscuits. Eating just one will provide you with 8.5g of carbs, 4.5g of fat and a whopping 12g of protein! What’s not to love?

While consistency in your diet is important, switching up how you consume your protein can help you get through those tough cravings and stay on track with your goals. We’ve all stood in front of the fridge or freezer rationalizing how just this once it’ll be ok to binge eat that unhealthy food. Don’t give in. Don’t be weak minded. You set out on this journey for a reason, and True Nutrition is here to make sure you achieve your goals. As the saying goes: Preparation breeds success. Knowing the diet may get boring ahead of time can be the differentiating factor when it comes to sticking to your macros and crushing your goals. Prepare for it. Be smart about it. Use it to your advantage.

Yours in health,
True Nutrition

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