Go With Your Gut: Add Probiotics to Your Mix

Probiotics have become some of the most highly talked about supplements of the last five years. While still in their infancy in terms of supplementation, probiotics have been a diet staple for thousands of years. Primarily found in foods that are fermented, we are consuming less and less probiotics in our daily meals, as the American diet has progressively moved away from fermentation.

Many people associate bacteria with disease and illness, but there are actually a number of healthy bacterias that help regulate our body’s natural functions. The gut and GI tract are filled with bacteria, both healthy and unhealthy. Over 500 species of bacteria reside in our GI tract alone. That’s why it is important to support the good (healthy) bacteria, as they are literally at war with the bad (unhealthy) bacteria. Healthy bacteria supports everything from healthy digestion to disease prevention.

There are foods out there that support healthy bacteria growth, such as yogurt, fermented foods and kefir. However, with limited choices when it comes to available fermented foods, in addition to vegan diets and/or lactose intolerance, more and more people are deciding to add probiotic supplements into their daily regimen.

A healthy gut and optimal digestive health also means better absorption of nutrients. For serious athletes and bodybuilders, this is essential for maximizing nutrition and supplement plans. For someone who is spending a large sum of money on supplements, it’s important to help support their efficiency, and probiotics do that through assisting the digestive system by delivering good flora via the GI tract.

At True Nutrition, we are always looking for ways to enhance our products, because status quo just isn’t good enough for us. When we think about our customizable, third party tested protein supplements which are manufactured in-house, we are still always looking for ways to improve them. One way that we have been able to achieve this is by offering customizable boosts, which now include our probiotic boost for optimal digestive health.

We don’t live by the standard, we set it.

Yours In Health,
Team True Nutrition

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