NEW Personalized Bags!

Whether your nickname is Bobby Badass or The Beast Of The East, our new personalized bags allow you to take your monicker from the gym into your home. There is nothing that will impress your friends like when you offer them some of your personalized protein.

Customizable protein has long been one of the cornerstones of our business, as we believe every athlete and bodybuilder deserves to combine the supplements that work best for their personal goals. With our new customizable bags, not only will you have your personalized formula, but you can name it, endorse it and show it off to your friends and family.


While this latest release and next level customizable feature won’t necessarily add to your performance, it will definitely be an entertaining and fun way to show off your favorite mixes. Innovation comes in a lot of forms, and at True Nutrition we emphasize having as much fun as possible.

Be the baddest of all your bros or ladies and make sure that when you go to grab a scoop of your favorite custom protein, that it has your name all over it. Say it loud and say it proud, be the first of your friends to represent your own mix!

Yours In Health,
Team True Nutrition

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