Overcoming Obstacles with @jmiles_official

25 DAYS OUT: Jermaine Miles (AKA @jmiles_official) is just 25 short days from the South East National Championship where he’ll be competing among other Classic Physique athletes in an attempt to obtain his pro card. No stranger to a good challenge, Jermaine admits he likes being able to push himself to the limit and see what his body can accomplish.


Jermaine hasn’t always been strong and confident. Originally from Long Island, NY, he was dubbed ‘the scrawny kid’ and was picked on frequently in grade school because of it. He decided to make a change. “The first week I was certainly feeling sore in the mornings,” he recalls. After feeling more energetic and stronger the following days, he fell in love with the process entirely. “The first month lifting weights, I fell in love with the tearing and building of muscles— I haven’t stopped since.”

It’s safe to say that growth has been a key theme in Jermaine’s life, and he’s overcome plenty of obstacles to be where he’s currently at. In 2012, he was diagnosed with HIV. “My whole world turned upside down,” he shares. “I was determined to beat this disease and get my body to the healthiest point in my life. My whole mentality changed and I wanted to get my body to its peak fitness— physically and mentally.” 


Shortly after the unfortunate diagnosis, a close friend encouraged Jermaine to begin training for a bodybuilding show, emphasizing that his genetics were made for it. How’s that for a confidence boost? Placing third in his very first show was all it took. “Then I was hooked,” he says. “I wanted to be a professional.” Athlete tunnel-vision set in with an impressive climb all the way to nationals— placing 14th out of 37. “I had to take time off and develop my symmetry. During my time off, I researched and learned a lot and decided to switch to all-natural bodybuilding competitions.”

Let’s Talk Training

As a competitor, Jermaine has quite strict eating and training schedules. Between juggling a full-time job with 8 hour workdays, he also fits in multiple gym sessions to ensure he’s reaching his fitness goals and staying on track— with guidance from Olympia champion IFBB Pro Natalia Coelho.

Cardio sessions are typically 30 minutes, and 90 minute weightlifting sessions are split to ensure symmetry and a well-rounded, stage-ready physique. Sunday’s emphasis is on hamstrings— constantly working on developing the mind-to-muscle connection for improved progress. With the competition close-by, abs are an everyday focus. 

“This training regime works like clockwork for me at this point and I have it down to a science. It’s kept my mental and physical state strong throughout this pandemic and through the highs and lows in my life.”


dialed-in diet

“I’m eating super lean less than a month away from my competition,” Jermaine explains. “It’s like clockwork for me at this point.” Meals are spaced about 2½ hours apart, with his final meal clocking in around 9pm. What does he fuel his body with? Read on to find out! 

8oz glass of water with ½ lemon and 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar
30 min. fasted cardio

6oz of lean ground beef
8 asparagus spears
½ zucchini
½ cucumber
Hot sauce, of course! (Major key 🔑) 

6oz of Tilapia seasoned with Himalayan salt, garlic, paprika, turmeric, and lemon juice
½ zucchini
Romaine lettuce

Tilapia filet
½ cucumber
100 grams of jasmine rice seasoned with Himalayan salt

6oz of tilapia
100 grams of rice
5 grams of True Nutrition Creatine Monohydrate mixed with 8oz of water

“With the two meals with carbs, I take 1 serving of a glucose disposal agent from True Nutrition that helps regulate the insulin for my blood sugar, along with a long list of supplements to help with muscle recovery.”

1 scoop of True Nutrition Whey Protein Isolate in TrueFlavor™️ Strawberry Banana and 2 cups of Rice Chex cereal. (“It’s like my sweet treat meal of the day,” he notes.)

6oz of Salmon seasoned with turmeric, Himalayan salt, and freshly grated ginger. ½ zucchini
8 asparagus spears
½ a cucumber just seasoned with Himalayan salt.


What physical activities outside of bodybuilding do you feel have helped you this time around with prep?
I’ve been incorporating yoga and meditation into my fitness regime. It’s worked wonders for my inner and outer health. Stretching my body is so key to keep pushing my body to full conditioning.  
How have you benefited from your meditation practice?
As a classic physique competitor, we must push our bodies past its limits each week as we focus on symmetry and conditioning for me to do this I must be aligned and balanced. A tip I like to give is to meditate every day. We are in control of our thoughts and we also in control of how we react to our emotions.
You are truly an inspiration! What is something you do every single day to keep you feeling positive?
Every morning first thing before my feet touch the floor I meditate and spend time with God. Throughout my day, I listen to positive affirmations and I keep my thoughts focused on feeling good, even if I don’t (or even if my situation isn’t good). With a balanced mind and the right food and exercise, we can accomplish more than we think.
How did you find out about True Nutrition?
I was introduced to True Nutrition from a dear friend and my coach Natalia Abraham Coelho (Olympian champ). I stand by her saying how much I love True Nutrition and their true real forms of protein and supplements.
What is your favorite thing about True Nutrition?
Never any fillers or extra chemicals! I know I can say I’m in love with protein shakes again thanks to True Nutrition. 
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