The Choice Is Yours – We Weigh In On The Non-GMO Debate

Big, bold, and fast as hell. The modern athlete is a no-nonsense powerhouse that is as serious about their diet as they are about training. For many, especially those in the endurance and adventure world, following a strict diet can help build lean muscle and sustained energy, giving them a competitive edge in the field.

Many of these athletes have turned to vegan or vegetarian diets, and even those that remain carnivores are cutting out unnecessary additives and junk that doesn’t aid performance. Many athletes, especially those of the vegan and vegetarian variety, have also made a concerted effort to eat organically and to cut GMOs (genetically modified organisms) from their diet entirely. While there are still no significant studies on GMOs’ long-term effects on the body, there is no question that not being fully informed on what you are putting into your body is not optimal, especially for those that count on their bodies to perform at the highest level.

Our goal at True Nutrition is simple. We provide the highest quality sports nutrition and supplements on the planet, and we also have an unrivalled level of control over the manufacturing process, as it is done in house. We don’t take sides when it comes to an athlete or bodybuilder’s prefered diet, but we are absolutely rigorous about providing our customers with accurate and complete information regarding their supplements. In fact we are so dedicated to holding ourselves and our product to rigorous quality standards that we have implemented independent Third Party Testing, once again leading the industry in quality and transparency.

For those that do adhere to a non-GMO diet, we have a number of products for you, including high performing protein like our Pea Protein Isolate and Pea Protein Concentrate. Both are vegan and non-GMO, making them a great choice for the health conscious athlete.

Whether or not you adhere to a strict non-GMO diet, our high quality proteins and nutritional supplements are made with the very best ingredients, helping those that are looking to take their nutrition to the next level.

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