New Years Resolution – The True You Starts Here

At the core of every human, there is a drive to pursue goals and a determination to push one’s own personal limits. This is the True You, the warrior and athlete, the one who won’t settle for second best, the one who looks at every single day as an opportunity to be better, to be stronger, to be kinder, to be wiser.

Every year we move into the new year with resolutions to be a better version of ourselves, to push harder and dig deeper, and while we respect everyones ambition for self improvement, we also believe that the True You doesn’t need a set of resolutions to seek self improvement. The True You is always grinding, always hustling, and always working towards achieving your goals, 365 days a year.

Moving into the year ahead, ask yourself if you’re ready to honor the True You. And if you are, then follow the core values of every True Nutrition Athlete.

1. Stay True To Yourself
The True You doesn’t come up with lame excuses to miss gym days. If you have a plan stick to it, even if it means getting up before work or hitting the gym after everyone else has already gone home. The True You is dedicated and disciplined, and the lazy and unmotivated need not apply.

2. Forge Your Own Path
The True You counts on your body to perform and to make gains, and when you put junk in your body, you get junk results. This applies to everything from the food you eat to the supplements you use. The True You is conscious and educated about how your diet and supplement regimen affects your performance and overall health.

3. Less is More
In bodybuilding we think in terms of more; more weight, more mass, more muscle. However, in life, less means clearing our lives of the clutter that can have a negative impact on our goals. Time is precious for every True Nutrition Athlete, so distractions and negative influences shouldn’t stand in your way. The True You navigates through all the BS and instead focuses on accomplishing your goals.

4. Stay Humble
The True You is aware of the bigger picture. Don’t talk about yourself ALL of the time. Stop with the constant selfies. Ask someone else a question. You have the opportunity to lead by example and you can have a positive impact on your community and others that are striving to reach their goals. The True You is always looking for ways to uplift others and build a strong community.

5. Have Fun
Life shouldn’t be a slog; if you aren’t enjoying yourself you are doing something wrong. The True You understands that bodybuilding and fitness might be your greatest passions, but that you should enjoy your time in and outside of the gym. Every True Nutrition athlete is dedicated and takes his or her craft seriously, but every True Nutrition athlete also understands that a positive life-balance is the key to success.

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