Hemp Protein

Cannabis is a plant of many wonders which is able to provide workable plant fibers that are used in many different manufacturing industries, as well as a functional food source in the form of hemp oils, fibers, proteins, and seeds. Hemp protein not only possesses a high protein content per serving, but also supplies a high naturally-occurring fiber content and a range of omega fatty acids, making hemp protein a healthy alternative for vegans and vegetarians.

Most hemp proteins that are currently being supplied to the United States are manufactured in Canada under strict non-GMO or organic growing conditions. The seeds from the cannabis plant are then harvested and hulled, to be sold raw or to be processed further in to a functional protein powder. Hemp seeds that are used in the production of a hemp protein powder will undergo a cold extrusion process that allows the proteins to remain in their raw, organic form. There are varying levels of hemp protein available on the market, which typically range between 30-50% protein by volume. The amount of protein contained within the resulting powder will be based on the amount of hemp fiber that is sifted and removed from the powder as a whole.

Hemp protein has a naturally nutty taste that is best complemented by a chocolate or vanilla flavor type. Due to the large amount of fiber contained within the powder, hemp protein will typically suspend rather than fully dissolve. This may leave a granular residue of undissolved particles at the bottom of any drink mix, and may result in a slightly gritty mouthfeel. The pleasant taste and aroma will mix evenly in to smoothies or other plant-based protein powders like Rice Protein Concentrate or Pea Protein Isolate.

True Nutrition currently offers a hemp protein that contains 35% protein content by volume. In addition, the material will provide 11g of total fiber and 3g of omega fatty acids with a high concentration of omega-3s. Although the quantity of the protein in hemp may be lower than that found in a standard pea or rice protein, the quality far exceeds most other forms of plant-based protein powder due to the complete range of essential amino acids and resulting PDCAA score. This allows for an increased potential for muscle synthesis through the use of this powder.* Dietary fiber is suggested to serve numerous health functions, from its role as a detoxifying agent to its claimed ability to help lower LDL-cholesterol levels in the bloodstream.* Omega fatty acids may also serve to help reduce the symptoms related to heart disease, fight inflammation, improve cognitive skills, and contribute to healthy weight loss.* And all of this can be found within a single highly nutritious and easily-digestible protein powder!

What’s more, there is no concern for any type of harmful chemicals or allergens within this material. Tetrahydrocannabinol (or THC), the psychoactive compound found in marijuana, is not present in the finished hemp protein powder, whatsoever. Hemp protein is also soy-free, gluten-free, milk and dairy-free, as well as being both organic and non-GMO.

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