True Gentlemen Of The Gym

So you lift, bro?

Whether you are a newbie or an experienced gym rat, showing up at the gym just to blow it by committing a faux pas is no way to build a rep as someone who is serious about gains and fitness goals. Don’t get us wrong….you don’t have to be the coolest guy or gal in the gym, but having some basic knowledge about gym etiquette will be important for anyone that wants to take this fitness thing seriously.

If you don’t want to look like a scrub at the gym, try to avoid showing poor etiquette and be a True Gentleman through and through. As any perpetrator will be sentenced to a lifetime of tiny biceps and chicken legs.

1. Not Wiping Down Equipment

No one likes to sit down on a bench or machine to find it soaking wet and slippery from someone else’s sweat. So act like you have been here before and wipe down any machine, bench or mat that you use while at the gym.

2. Not Re-Racking Weights

Walking through a landmine field of dumbbells, kettlebells and plates isn’t high on anyone’s priority list, so makes sure you re-rack your weights after using them. It’s not too hard, you were strong enough to lift them, you should be strong enough to put them back.

3. Save Singing For The Car Ride Home

We know you think your singing voice is American Idol worthy, but for the sake of everyone in the gym, save the singing outloud to whatever song is playing through your headphones for the car ride home. There’s nothing more distracting than someone singing off key at the top of their lungs while you’re trying to put up weight.

4. Give People Space

Plain and simple, respect the bubble. If someone is training in any way, shape or form, giving them space is critical for both your safety and theirs. Breaking someone’s concentration or affecting their form by being too close can cause serious injury….and also won’t make you any friends.

5. Don’t Hoard Equipment

We get it – you like to work every muscle in your body, or you’re into some type of new intense circuit training hype. Either way, hoarding every piece of equipment in the gym like an only-child-that-never-learned-how-to-share is a great way to annoy everyone around you. For the sake of everyone else at the gym, especially during rush hours, be cognizant of equipment hoarding.

Follow these simple rules and you should be able to avoid blowing it the next time you are at the gym. And as any True Gentleman Of The Gym already knows, shop True Nutrition for the highest quality nutritional and sports supplements around.

Yours in Health,
Team True Nutrition

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