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Dante Trudel’s wealth of knowledge when it comes to bodybuilding and nutritional supplements is unrivaled in the industry, so when he talks about his own supplement regimen, we listen. Dante has dedicated his life to finding what works for bodybuilders and calling out what is straight BS, and that’s why his personal supplementation is so sought after.

“I take a protein drink consisting of 2 scoops of Whey Isolate with 3 grams of flax powder (for prostate and health) before my workout and then drink the following intra- workout drink usually during the first half of my workout.” states Dante. “I am a huge believer in BCAAs and EAAs and feel they can be utilized so effectively both for gaining muscle mass situations and in dieting situations when losing bodyfat.”

“This is a peri-workout nutrition drink I use intra-workout.”

It contains the following:

  • 4 grams Instantized Leucine (one of the main components in solving sarcopenia and the main amino acid that directly stimulates protein synthesis)
  • 12 grams Instantized BCAAs or EAAs (the building blocks of muscle tissue)
  • 4 grams creatine mono (the most proven, studied performance aid ever)
  • 4 grams ribose (energy and heart health)
  • 4 grams taurine (HPTA protective)
  • 4 grams citrulline (Nitric Oxide production)
  • 12 grams Hydrolyzed collagen (the only supplement that has data showing it can regenerate cartilage/for joint health)
  • 30 grams of Muscle Intrusion (mainly for the incredible potency of Cyclic Dextrin, more aminos and agmatine sulfate)
  • 10 ounces of 100% Pomegranate Juice (Prostate protection and heart health)
  • 12 ounces water

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