Customer Spotlight: IFBB Pro Olivia Chenevert

“Figure competitions are a blend of bodybuilding and fitness.  During comparison judging in height classes, women will line up and do a series of quarter turns to the right (front, left side, back, right side) being judged on symmetry, presentation, and other aesthetic qualities such as skin tone. The “X” factor is important. Shoulders, back, quads and glutes are very important muscle groups to give the “X” type of shape (well formed shoulders and upper back, small waist and shapely glutes and quads). Visible muscle separation but no visible striations are desired. Figure women are generally in the 8-12% body fat range.” 

If you’re not familiar with the Bodybuilding world, receiving a Pro Card is an amazing accomplishment. Having began her training only just recently, Olivia Chenevert is a huge motivation and a reminder that you can do anything you truly set your mind to!

Name: Olivia Chenevert

Where do you live? Plaucheville, Louisiana

Occupation: I have a degree in Veterinary Technology / Sales Representative for Laolden Antique flooring (family owned company)

What sports/activities do you participate in?
Before Bodybuilding I was a Competitive Barrel Racer.

What division do you compete in?

What made you first want to get into competing, and why did you choose your set division?
My horses got injured and no longer had something I could devote my time and hard work towards. Being a hard worker, I knew I needed something to devote my time to. I then fell in love with the gym and developed a new passion for bodybuilding. I loved the look of figure and thought it would be most fitting for my physique.

How long have you been competing?
This is only my second year of competing, and second year of actually working out/training.

How does it feel to have your Pro Card?
Unbelievable!!!! Blessed!!!!

What does your nutrition and diet look like?

My diet is very simple but strict. I do not do macros or count calories. My coach, George Farah, tells me exactly what to eat.

How do your goals influence your nutrition & diet?
Always on a strict diet year round to maintain the ideal physique..Depending on if I’m in prep or offseason my diet does vary.

What advice would you give to someone who is training for their first competition?
TRUST AND FOLLOW YOUR PLAN accordingly. Give 100% and at the end of the day that’s the best you can do so there are no regrets!!!

What is your favorite thing about
PURE HIGH QUALITY products!!! You pay for the product, not the packaging.

What TrueNutrition products do you use to maintain your nutrition and dietary goals?
I love the Hydrolyzed Whey Protein Ultra-Grade. I also incorporate Creatine Monohydrate, BCAAS and EAAS.

What is your favorite hobby/pass-time?
I enjoy traveling and spending time with my family.

Favorite cheat meal?

That’s a hard one😝Probably burger and fries🤤

What’s a fun, weird, and/or interesting fact about yourself?
Interestingly enough, I had never set foot into a gym until a little over 2 years ago. I had terrible eating habits prior as well.

Can we follow you on Social Media?
: olivia_chenevert

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