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Every year there are bigger and bolder claims about which superfoods are going to revolutionize our diets. However, these fad foods tend to make a big splash and then eventually drift away into obscurity. This doesn’t mean that these super foods don’t hold any nutritional value; it just means that they are marketed like a commodity and once the marketing dollars are gone, so is the buzz.

One major exception to the rule is oatmeal, as it has been a mainstay in many health conscious athletes’ diets for decades, and has been a diet staple in many parts of the world for thousands of years. Oatmeal has more bang-for-your-buck beneficial nutrients for bodybuilders and athletes than just about any other major diet staple.

True Nutrition believes in the power of oatmeal and knows how beneficial it can be for anyone looking for sustained energy, complex carbohydrates, and healthy fibers. That’s why we created our custom oatmeal generator; our customers know what they like and we aim to provide them with the necessary ingredients to create the highest quality, best performing oatmeal on the planet.

While there are many oatmeal options on the market, our custom oatmeal generator allows you to have quality control over the oatmeal you are eating. Many store bought brands are packed with processed sugars and other harmful ingredients, which can ultimately create a bait and switch that leaves the consumer with a low quality product that can cause more harm than good. We believe that our customers should have a say in what they put in their body and our oatmeal customization allows for complete transparency.

We are so excited about creating our own blends that we have chosen our four favorite oatmeal combos for you to try at home. Try one of our favorites or create your own today and enjoy all the benefits that oatmeal has to offer.

  1. Blueberry, Banana, Walnut

For anyone that is looking for a great tasting oatmeal blend that still packs some protein a delicious blend of blueberry, banana, and walnut is a great way to go. Blueberries offer antioxidant benefits; bananas have much needed potassium, and the chopped walnuts pack a powerful protein punch. Have this one first thing in the morning and enjoy the benefit of sustained energy throughout the day. For those that like things a little sweet add some brown sugar.

  1. Apple Cinnamon Chia

A classic flavor that is all American and reminiscent of spending cold days in cozy comfort. However, this blend isn’t just for sitting in front of the fireplace as it is packed with the type of nutrients that will help you bulk up and sustain energy during your winter workouts. With the added chia seeds you will also be adding beneficial protein, Omega-3’s, and powerful antioxidants.

  1. Mango Banana Almond

For something more tropical and fruity try a mixture of mango and almond for ultimate get up and go. Almonds are packed with beneficial protein that can kick start your day with out any of the negative attributes of protein that is high in cholesterol. For an added boost add chia seeds and banana to this tropical mixture as it is will help you go the distance, everyday.

  1. Maple Cinnamon Flax

Another great traditional recipe for cold winter mornings, this oatmeal is a great early morning energizer or an amazing late night snack. While this oatmeal is on the sweeter side, it packs a ton of nutrients in a delicious package. With the addition of flax, you also get the added benefits of one of the most amazing seeds on the planet. Let this recipe warm you up before you hit the gym.

Try our Custom Oatmeal Generator today and add everything you want and nothing you don’t!

Yours in health,
Team True Nutrition

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