Interview With Chris Gallucci a.k.a. Adonis Rex

Chris Gallucci’s undeniable grind is synonymous with the True Nutrition brand. As a 101st Airborne Veteran, graduate student, trainer and all around beast Chris, a.k.a. Adonis Rex, is all grit and no bull shi*t. He pushes himself and up-and-coming bodybuilders hard, because he knows that excuses are as good as failure, and failure isn’t an option when you’re part of Chris’s world. We caught up with the man known as Adonis to talk about staying motivated, working with his fellow veterans and what True Nutrition products help him accomplish his goals.

What initially got you interested in bodybuilding? Have you always been into training and fitness?

I’ve been interested since I was a child. I grew up watching action and superhero movies and I wanted to look just like those guys. Once my father showed me the documentary Pumping Iron, I knew there was no turning back. We had a set of old rusty dumbbells in the basement and I would go down there when I was still in elementary school and I would try to workout. My father ended up buying a set of olympic weights, so we could train together in the garage and really start lifting. Even from an early age, I did as much research as possible and would consult old physiology texts we had laying around. That really sparked my interest in the medical field and ever since then, for almost 20 years now, my life has revolved around fitness.

Did that naturally transition into you paying attention to nutrition? What kind of fuel you were putting in your body?

I knew there was a strong connection between nutrition and bodybuilding as a teenager. Once I started lifting, I began researching diet principles and experimenting with my food intake. I began to sort out “bro” science from real science, and made sure that I was only eating food or supplements that would maximize my potential.


You have a large social following and obviously people look to you for advice and support. How did you grow your community?

I grew my community by actively engaging people. I wrote articles and made myself accessible to give advice in a very real, no bullshit way. By doing so, I was using my years of experience to help a lot of people get the most out of their training and nutrition, while avoiding all of the nonsense “bro” science that they hear others preaching. The fitness community is full of a lot of fakes and unqualified “coaches” and “trainers”, so I tried to be a source of information people could trust.

Bodybuilding is pretty much a full-time commitment. With work and school, how do you stay motivated and focused on lifting?

Is there any other option? Not going to the gym just isn’t a choice. I don’t care how tired or busy I am, I can always find time to workout! If anything, the gym has been the greatest stress reliever and helped me perform better with work and school. My clients associate me with the phrase “f*** your excuses,” since it’s something I say to them all the time when I hear objections. I always stress the importance of finding the time to take care of yourself and your health, so I definitely can’t be a hypocrite.

What are you going to school for?

I’m back in school for my Master’s in Public Health in Behavioral and Social Sciences in hopes of researching alternative PTSD treatments to help our veteran community. I am also currently looking into PhD programs so one day I can become a college professor and help shape young minds.

What are your goals with lifting and training?

I’m not sure yet. My main focus has been just adding as much muscle as possible to become a freak, simply because I enjoy it. I never had any intentions on competing because I don’t think dieting to that extreme is very safe for the body, and the idea of wearing a mankini on stage does not appeal to me. I’ve always admired those who compete, yet I would never do it unless I can fill out my tall frame with another 30 or 40 lbs of solid beef, so I knew that I would win! There’s no point in competing to me if I am going to get second place.

What are some of your favorite True Nutrition products?

I’m a simple man. I like to buy carb powder made of 50/50 dextrose/maltodextrin (candy store flavored), and usually always order a blend of various proteins with differing rates of absorption, such as whey and casein because studies have proven that blends are far superior than a homogenous mixture alone.


Have you created any worthy recipes with your True products?

Yes. I made a vegan protein because I am horrible with eating vegetables and taking multi-vitamins, so I customized a blend using avocado oil powder, alfalfa greens powder, cranberry protein powder and sweet potato powder with a multivitamin boost. I find the banana flavoring works best with the vegan protein mixes.

What’s one piece of advice you’d give to someone looking to get into bodybuilding or make big gains?

Be patient! Bodybuilding is a sport that depends on longevity – it’s a marathon, not a sprint. Don’t expect to look like an IFBB pro in only a year or two. It takes years and years and years of consistency in training and good eating habits. Just shut up and put in the work, day in and day out, do your research, and you will make progress.

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