Chia Seed Protein Pudding

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27 Grams of Protein/5.5 Grams of Carbohydrates/185 Calories/6 Grams of Fat
Prep Time: 5 Minutes
Set Time: At Least Twelve Hours, Overnight is Ideal
Servings: One

If you’re like us and have been trying to find a reasonable way to eat pudding for breakfast, lunch, or dinner since you were a child, then My Engineered Nutrition’s Meg Gunther has you covered. With her delicious and robust chia seed protein pudding recipe, you can now eat guilt-free pudding anytime of the day.

Meg swears by this recipe – “I have been eating this pudding every day for the last six months,” enthuses Meg “it’s truly the ultimate guilt-free snack.” The recipe, while delicious and packed with nutrients, is also easy to make and only contains three ingredients: a plant-based protein, chia seeds, and non-dairy milk.

While whey protein fans might shy away from plant-based or vegan protein, for this recipe it’s a necessity, as whey protein will not give you the desired thickness, leaving the pudding runny and unappetizing.

Not only does this amazing and simple recipe pack a ton of protein, but it also has plenty of beneficial fiber, and is a great option for both vegetarian and vegan athletes! Meg’s Chia Seed Protein Pudding is also completely customizable, meaning that you can enjoy this snack everyday, but still have plenty of variety by topping your pudding with whatever your heart desires.

Get creative! You can choose any flavor of plant protein, any non-dairy milk such as coconut, almond, or cashew, and top with wonderfully healthy options like fruit, nuts, or whipped cream.



  1. Mix together non-dairy milk, chia seeds and protein powder in large bowl, pudding should be liquid at this point, as it will become a pudding like consistency while setting
  2. Cover and allow your pudding to sit overnight to allow chia seeds to expand
  3. Mix pudding, add favorite topping and enjoy!

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