BCAAs, Taurine & L-Tyrosine Stack

You put in a late night at the gym, got the required amount of sleep for optimal recovery and now you’re up and ready to grind through another day. For many, an extra boost of energy to get a little pep in your step is a must, which is when it may seem convenient to reach for a coffee or favorite breakfast food.

While breakfast is a critical meal and it’s definitely important to fuel your body with beneficial nutrients that can offer sustained energy throughout the day, hopping right into a heavy meal or overloading your central nervous system with stimulants like caffeine before your system has had the chance to really wake up can actually have a negative impact.

Your system needs a chance to wake up gradually and naturally, that’s why many health and wellness experts have suggested starting your morning by drinking simply water with lemon. There are many benefits to kicking off your day with a little fresh lemon and preferably warm water as it aids in everything from digestion to keeping your body alkaline, a key factor in fighting illness and disease.

If you are looking to really kick start your day and maximize results both inside and outside the gym, there are ways to add beneficial supplements to this morning routine that will help square your nitrogen levels after your body’s nighttime fast. By adding BCAAs, Taurine and L-Tyrosine to the water with lemon ritual, you are not only helping your body stay anabolic, but also keeping it alkaline while simultaneously kick starting your brain chemistry.

This particular grouping of supplements, while not a meal replacement strategy, are a great way to start the day before introducing other nutrients or stimulants to your body, as they are shown to increase both endurance and cognitive function. You can maximize these results by taking the BCAAs, Taurine and Tyrosine stack with your morning water and lemon and then waiting at least thirty minutes before adding any other digestible nutrients or stimulants to your system.

Whether your first stop in the morning is the gym, office, or out in the field, our BCAA, Taurine and Tyrosine stack is the optimal way to start your morning if sustainable energy and unrivaled cognitive function is your cup of tea.

Start your day off right and optimize your morning with True Nutrition.


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