A-Bolic4™: Here’s What You Need to Know About This Revolutionary New Product

Ask anyone their fitness goal, and you won’t be too shocked when the top two answers are to ‘build muscle’ and ‘burn fat’. Well-known for his DC Training method and nutritional advice, True Nutrition founder Dante Trudel set out to create his own potent formula to revolutionize the bodybuilding industry— naturally. Formulated with 4 synergystic ingredients, read on to learn more about A-Bolic4™ and why this has quickly become one of our most popular products over the past year.

It’s no secret that anabolic steroids and pro-hormones have made their debut in the fitness community— dating back to the 1930’s when Testosterone was first synthesized in Russia (later, to be misused in the 1954 Olympics). But with the glory that a well-sculpted physique portrays under this influence, comes a whole host of negative side effects. Seeing bodybuilders and athletes suffer a multitude of health issues (and potentially, death) really struck a chord with Dante, and he went to work. “Everyone knows steroids work awesome—”, says Trudel. “The problem is, they aren’t a lifetime, longterm solution, are they?”

“My ongoing mission for too long of a time has been to find Anabolic compounds that work outside of the normal steroid realm— and it’s pretty much been a fruitless search. Nothing works as good as “the real deal”, and its been trial and error for a decade plus with pretty much zero success, but that changed.

4 Synergystic Ingredients

A-Bolic4™ is formulated with 4 synergystic ingredients: Apigenin, EMIQ® , Turkesterone and BioPerine®. So. what do each of those ingredients actually do?

Apigenin. Scientists began experimenting with this flavone with mice, and the mice receiving the Apigenin had signifigant muscle mass gains over the mice not receiving it. The greater dosage of Apigenin the mice took, the larger the quad increase.
View the study here.

Apigenin has been found to:
1. Decrease inflammation
2. Have serious anti-cancer properties
3. Stave off cardiomyopathy
4. Lower cortisol
5. Decrease insulin resistance and lower blood glucose
6. Possible re-sensitization of leydig cells
7. Neuroprotective / Heart Protective

Note: Do not take if you are on Progestin and Estrogen therapy (—most men are not.)

EMIQ® (AKA Enzymatically Modified Isoquercitrin) is another flavonoid. Once again, a flavone shows strong muscle building properties— especially when used with whey protein. Another study with 200 adults showed significant abdominal fat loss, visceral fat area loss, subcutaneous fat loss and reduced waist circumference (all significant).
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EMIQ® has been known to:
1. Decreases blood pressure
2. Have antioxidant properties
3. Contain strong anti-allergy properties
4. Clean out senescent cells from the body (incredibly important for longevity)

Turkesterone. This compound is far and away the most potent and anabolic ecdysteroid. How does it work? By increasing protein synthesis up to 20-25% (that’s pretty amazing if you stop and think about it). There are studies out there showing Turkesterone in close comparison with both Methylandrostenediol and Nerobol in muscular growth— and it’s all due to that greatly enhanced protein synthesis.
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BioPerine®. A patented extract obtained from black pepper fruits, BioPerine® has been a well-known bioavailability enhancer for 20+ years.

“I set out to make supplements I personally wanted to use besides True Nutrition’s raw ingredients. I cannot even count the number of herbs/supplements and raw ingredients I’ve experimented with over the years— and to be frank, the majority of them haven’t done diddly squat. Virtually everything looks great on paper and ends up being a disappointment in real life. I am a creature of habit with eating, training, supplementation, bloodwork etc. so I REALLY know when something works or it doesn’t, as I can quickly see the differentiation from what is my norm.”

Dante Trudel

Emphasis on the Apigenin

Though all ingredients are immensely beneficial, we can’t stress it enough— Apigenin is the main cog of this product (bonus points for the anti-aromatase properties). See for yourself: Google “Cancer” and “Apigenin” you’ll quickly see a wealth of information on this cancer-fighting compound.

One thing we’d like to mention— if you have low blood pressure or low blood sugar, you probably should not be using this product. Sure, it sounds weird as usually 99% of bodybuilders have the opposite problems— but because both EMIQ and Apigenin will lower your blood pressure slightly and Apigenin will lower your blood sugar slightly— know that those effects will increase with dosage.

“This product has been FAR AND AWAY the most popular product bought over the last year— easily 3-4x more sales on it than other products because it works great for 90% of the people who use it. It also is bought and rebought multiple times over by women because its non hormonal and women send us rave reviews on it constantly.”

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