5 Workouts That Are Better With a Swolemate

Hallmark holiday or not, Valentine’s Day is no joke. This year you decided to go all out and do something special. You planned ahead and got the fancy dinner reservation. You pre-ordered the movie tickets and already have the prime seats blocked off in the theatre. Flowers? Got ‘em. Chocolate? No brainer. Then you think to yourself, “This is what everybody else is doing. How can I make it even more memorable?”

Show your special someone a good time at the gym with a spontaneous couples workout!

We are here with a few ideas for you to help make this Valentine’s Day a PR and one that won’t soon be forgotten, because couples who train together, stay together! Take a look at these exercises designed to combine your passion for fitness with laughs and gains that will last a lifetime.

Workout 1: Partner Plank

While planking may not be the most exhilarating form of exercise, looking deep into your significant other’s eyes is one way to make it more fun. There’s something bonding about the burning sensation that builds in both your cores as you struggle to get through a seemingly “easy” two-minute plank. Want to make it even more difficult? Try adding alternating high-fives in there to get your heart rate up and the sweat dripping! Remember though, it’s not a competition. This workout is for “us,” not “you.”

Workout 2: Wall Squat Curls with Tricep Dips

Every guy wants to be looking his best for the romantic Valentine’s date, but why not get your girl fired up before hand? Nothing says “I can protect you” like solid bi’s and tri’s, so this exercise is designed to get that juicy arm pump going. To start, lean your back against a wall with your knees at a 90 degree angle. Simultaneously, you’ll be repping bicep curls, trying to let the dumbbells touch the wall to ensure a full bicep extension. Make sure to keep your entire back on the wall and shoulders rolled back. Your significant other will face their back to you and do tricep dips with hands placed on your knees that are bent at 90 degrees. A set of his and her dumbbells will probably be required for this, and after 3-4 rotations you both should be feeling great.

Workout 3: Partner Handstand Pushups

Ready to change it up and enjoy some guaranteed laughs? We present to you: Handstand pushups: Valentine’s Day edition! Forget the wall for support and balance, that’s what why you have a significant other in life and for this exercise. As the name implies, you’ll be helping your partner stay upright while they rep out inverted pushups. Not only is this a great way to try something you might not normally do, but it’s also a great way to hit your upper body. While your partner keeps you from falling over, focus on keeping your core tight and isolating movement to just your arms and shoulders. Hint: don’t be afraid to grab your partner’s ankles and help them out a little, these are tough!

Workout 4: Pulsing Squat with High Knees

Before we finish, let’s get that heart rate up! A little cardio is not going to kill you, so suck it up and finish strong. While one of you is in a low, pulsing squat, extend your arms and hands straight out in front of you. Your partner will be doing high knees (running in place) while trying to get their knees to hit your hands on every step. Three rotations of 30 seconds each should leave you both satisfied and smiling.

Workout 5: Partner Stretching

After you’ve both killed it and got the sweat dripping, a good stretch to cool things down is always a good call. Sit facing each other with your legs apart, feet touching, and take turns pulling each other’s arms forward to stretch out the hamstrings. You can also take turns laying on your back while the other takes one leg and pushes it up in the splits. For hip flexor mobility stretches, bend your partner’s leg and gently rotate the knee outward.

The True Athlete knows that while staying focused on goals is a priority, we would not be where we are without the support of our loved ones. Taking time to appreciate the special people in our lives lets them know how much they mean, and let’s face it, a nice steak dinner post workout doesn’t sound half bad. Stay loving. Stay committed. Stay True.

Yours in Health,
True Nutrition

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