5 Reasons to Build Your Own Protein

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to have complete control over your protein powder? What would it be like to be the architect behind your very own protein formula? All the big brands put what they think is best for you and the guy who hits the gym once a week in the SAME plastic jug. The truth is, this “one size fits all” mentality is outdated.

With the Custom Protein Generator, however, the power to build what you need is at your fingertips. With a few clicks of the mouse, you become the mastermind behind your protein mix. While it’s may not be as life-altering as designing your own house or building a car, there are certain benefits to a protein powder that you design based on your goals. Why settle for some cookie-cutter protein powder that isn’t unique to what you are trying to accomplish? It simply does not make sense. Let’s take a look at 5 reasons why YOU should be building your own protein powder.  

  1. Mix Any Combination of Protein Powders

Why settle for what someone else thinks is right for you? With True Nutrition’s Custom Protein Generator, you’re the architect. Completely customize your protein formula to meet your macro and training needs. Looking for a diverse protein mix with both quick and slow digesting proteins? No problem. Control the exact ratio of whey and casein protein with the click of a button. Sticking to a Vegan diet? Simple – with our wide variety of plant based options, create any combination of pea, hemp, rice, or other vegan protein that you see fit. Bulking up for winter and need more carbs? We can help you there too. With our carbohydrate additives including ModCarb, Sweet Potato Powder, and Highly Branched Cyclic Dextrin, you’ll have no problem getting the extra calories your body needs.

  1. Reorder Any Custom Mix Without Rebuilding

When it comes time to reorder, True Nutrition is here with the spot. You’ve created a custom protein mix, you’re happy with it, but remembering exactly what percentage of every ingredient you chose is like trying to remember how many reps you did in your third set of incline bench 3 weeks ago – not happening. Fortunately, our system keeps track of your order history when you create an account, so when you’re struggling to get a full scoop of protein from the bottom of the bag, reordering is easy. Simply go to the “My Orders / Re-Order” tab under the Account drop down on truenutrition.com, log-in, and scroll to the “Order History” section:

You’ll see a “Re-Order” button next to each purchase. Find your custom mix, hit re-order, and you’re good to go!

  1. Share a Custom Mix

For any online/in-person trainers or coaches out there, getting clients to stay on a regimen with the correct macros can be like pulling teeth. Since day one, our mission has been to help you in all aspects of fitness. If your goal is help others as a trainer, we’re here to support you in that. After you’ve created a custom protein mix unique to your client’s needs, you can send a link allowing them to review what you’ve selected and ultimately purchase your recommend mix. Not only will you be able to rest easy knowing that one more aspect of your client’s diet has been handled, but your client will also feel a level of personalization that has never before been achieved.  

From a more personal standpoint, if a gym buddy or fellow athlete is curious about your nutritional regimen, you can easily share a link so they can get on the same program as you. No more trying to explain all the ingredients and percentages of the different proteins. Share the link and get back to training! Simple!

  1. Boost Your Mix

Ready to take your custom protein to the next level? Check out our boost options – a little extra something to further customize your mix and make it work for YOU.  

For just $0.50/lb, add any of our top notch boosts, which include BCAAs, Probiotics, Electrolytes, and more. Feel free to add more than one if you’d like – remember, this is YOUR mix.

  1. Order Different Quantities

Last but not least, another great reason to build a custom protein mix is to control the order quantity you are purchasing. When you build a house, you don’t need 5 bathrooms in a 3 bedroom. Same goes for protein; If you are trying to do a one month cut for example, you might not need 5 lbs of protein. You may just need 1 lb, so why pay for the extra? True Nutrition’s custom protein generator (and all other proteins on our site), are sold on a price per pound scale, and can be purchased in 1 lb increments. This allows you to order only as much as you need, saving you space in the kitchen or gym bag and money in your wallet.

As we said before, the Custom Protein Generator allows you to be the architect when it comes to protein design and intake. Only you truly know what is best for your body when it comes to smashing your goals. Don’t let some company put you in a box and tell you what you protein you should use. Sure, the average gym-goer may not be able to tell a difference between some one-size- fits-all protein, but the true athlete who’s in tune with his or her body knows what feels good and works. The option to settle for mediocrity is always there – but don’t give in. Keep the throttle down and strive to be better than you were yesterday.


Yours in health,

True Nutrition


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