5 Banging Facts About Testosterone

The True Nutrition athlete is always looking for ways to improve performance and maximize results, from the streets to the sheets we are all in. For many men, this mind set means looking for ways to increase and maintain healthy testosterone levels, especially as we age, as decreases in testosterone can have a negative effect on everything from muscle mass to libido.

A healthy amount of testosterone, which can often get a bad wrap due to it’s association with unnaturally bulked bodybuilders and aggression, is actually one of the most beneficial elements of aging gracefully and maintaining both sexual and physical function.

With this in mind, we set out to dispel the negative and biased views on testosterone and provide our educated and open minded community with five facts that every man should know about testosterone.

Testosterone Starts to Decrease After Age 30
Men will generally start to see decreased testosterone levels after age 30 and can experience everything from a loss of muscle mass to erectile dysfunction. There are natural ways through training, diet and supplements to help fight decreases. Even if you aren’t noticing major changes into your 30s, it’s important to understand how supplements and diet can help you maintain a healthy level of testosterone.

Testosterone Doesn’t Cause Prostate Cancer
While reducing testosterone levels in men with prostate cancer is a common practice, there is no evidence to suggest that testosterone causes prostate cancer. Maintaining a healthy level of testosterone is still considered beneficial and hasn’t been shown to increase chances of prostate cancer in men

Testosterone Does Not Cause Rage
Everyone in the bodybuilding and fitness world has heard of “roid rage”, which has lead people to believe that testosterone is the culprit for violent or aggressive behavior. However, new studies actually refute that claim. While roid rage might be real, this is the result of using anabolic steroids and there is a big difference between steroid use and naturally boosting testosterone levels through supplements, exercise and diet. In fact, men and women with low testosterone are more likely to feel angry and depressed.

Testosterone Isn’t Just for Men
Women also naturally create testosterone in their bodies, and women who have low “T” counts often have the same negative attributes as men, including: low libido, decreased muscle mass and decreased bone density. It’s important for women to be aware of their testosterone levels, as healthy “T” levels are beneficial for sexual, physical and mental health.

Testosterone Improves Mood and Mental Health
Low testosterone levels in both men and women have been shown to have a negative impact on mood and well-being. Testosterone helps boost both energy levels and mood, and studies have shown that people with low testosterone often suffer from depression, anger and sadness.

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