Don’t Fall Short During the Shorter Days of Fall: 4 Ways to Stay Motivated at the Gym

How many of us are guilty of getting on a workout program and then two weeks later falling off the wagon?

It’s a pattern that is far too common, and with the shorter days of Fall upon us and Winter coming, staying motivated to continually better ourselves in the gym or on the field is becoming increasingly difficult. There is good news though: your brain is a very powerful muscle and with the right adjustments, you’ll find that reaching your goals is a grind you can enjoy.

To help you in your mission, we’ve compiled a few ideas for staying motivated this Fall when the weights feel heavy and you feel like giving up.

1. Change Up Your Workout Schedule
A great way to push past a plateau in your workouts is to change things up. Trying new movements, switching the order of your exercises and changing the time of day you hit the gym are all great ways to shake up the routine your body has become accustomed to.

With Daylight Savings Time over, going to the gym after work in the dark can be downright daunting. Our advice: try going before work. The sun is up an hour earlier than it has been in the past 9 months, so take advantage of it! Plus, crushing your workout and kicking open the doors of the gym to be greeted by a beautiful sunrise is one of the best ways to start the day. Top it all off with True Nutrition’s brand new Protein Coffee – a solid dose of caffeine with 27g of protein to maximize recovery.

2. Get a Gym Buddy
We’ve all had the debate in our head – do I go to the gym today, or do I promise myself I’ll go tomorrow? This lack of commitment does not get you closer to your goals, and certainly doesn’t get you results. Staying consistent with your workout program is not only difficult for your body, but also difficult on the mind. Our advice: get a gym buddy! No one wants to be “that guy” or “that girl” who doesn’t show up to spot that last rep. More importantly, no one wants to make a commitment to get healthy and then watch the other person crush the goals you both set. As the holidays and new year rapidly approach, there is no better time to get a head start on a few healthy habits. Having someone to create a little competition with and lean on for support can be a game-changer when it comes to staying motivated this Fall.

3. Meal Prep
As we touched on earlier, changing when you workout can make a significant impact on your progress in terms of reaching your goals. Hitting the gym before work will undoubtedly create more free time after work in the afternoon, and utilizing this newly available time can be the factor that sets you apart. Our advice: meal prep. Since the clocks went back an hour and it’s dark in the afternoon, why not get wild in the kitchen? Cooking up a handful of chicken breasts, a few cups of rice, and sautéing your favorite green veggies is the perfect way to spend the evening. Not only will you have healthy meals that fit your macros ready to go at any hour of the day, you will also have less dishes to clean every night. Even if you’re not weighing out your food to the exact gram, getting in the habit of prepping your meals can help create a foundation that allows you to reach your goals in a calculated, more scientific manner.

4. Write Down Your Goals

As successful businessman, Robert Herjavec once wrote, “A goal without a timeline is just a dream.” Sometimes, as we are sure you know, it’s not enough to simply have a goal looming in the back of your head. The average human is served nearly 5,000 advertisements a day. Couple that with work and the distractions on social media, and it’s easy to see how goals might slip out of your field of view. Our advice: physically write down your goals and put the list somewhere you look at frequently. Whether it’s on your mirror in the bathroom or on the wall in your office, being reminded of your goals will help you to stay motivated. Investing the time to write down goals is the first step in making them a reality, and when you see that list, it’s a reminder of where you’re heading.

Similar to how you make the mind-muscle connection when lifting, visualize yourself reaching your goals. How does it feel? What does it look like? Who is going to be with you along the way? Most importantly, when will you reach this goal? It’s no surprise that many successful high profile athletes and olympians participate in this practice. They set the deadline and make it happen. No excuses. The little nudge from your list serves as a great motivational tool and will help you stay on track when you start to sway. Looking to take your focus and determination one step further? Check out our TrueBrain™ Nootropic Capsules for increased concentration and mental performance.

At the end of the day, there’s no better motivation than seeing results. That new muscle separation or smashing last week’s PR is not only fun, but also addictive. The True athlete knows that no matter when the sun rises or sets, there is always 24 hours in the day. Every second must be utilized, every minute accounted for, and every hour put towards reaching your goals.

Just as our muscles adapt and grow according to the stressors we apply on them, we must adapt our mentality to constantly stay motivated. In order to achieve the things others haven’t, we must be willing to do the things others won’t. Stay hungry. Stay committed. Stay true.

Yours in health,
True Nutrition

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