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100g/0.01g accurate Pocket Scale
100g/0.01g Accurate Pocket Scale
Extremely accurate pocket scale, weight capacity from 0.01-100g!
Weight cannot accurately be measured by volume, which is why True Nutrition offers a variety of new pocket scales to help with the proper dosing of each of our protein and supplement ingredients! Product DetailsMode: Capacity: Resolution:Grams 100.00 g 0.01 gOunces 3.530 oz 0.001 ozCarats 500.00 ct 0.05 ctGrains 1543.0 gn 0.2 gnBright Backlit DisplayThis digital pocket scale has a fancy blue, backlit display to help you see your weight readings, even in dim lighting.Easy CalibrationThis jewelry scale comes factory calibrated and ready to use. Just in case you need to calibrate it, the LCS-100
Price: $26.19 
300g / >100mg accurate Digital Pocket Scale
440g/>100mg Accurate Digital Pocket Scale
Light weight but durable pocket scale, up to 440g capacity, precise to 0.1g!
Weight cannot be determined by volume, so due to popular demand we proudly present our new line of scales for all your supplemental needs!The new My Weigh 440-Z digital mini scale packs huge performance in a small package. The design is truly unique, but form follows function. Notice the oversized easy to press rubber keys. The high quality LCD display is also oversized and ultra easy to read.The 440-Z reads in Grams, Ounces, Troy Ounces and Pennyweight. It has a large 440-gram capacity and reads in precise 0.1gram increments (100mg). The scale offers digital auto calibration, temperature comp
Price: $19.99