Why Paleo Protein?

paleo protein

We started True Nutrition because we knew that the community was looking for high quality protein powders and supplements that weren’t crammed full of harmful fillers and low quality ingredients. When we started, we focused on the bodybuilding community because it’s close to our hearts and is what we know best.

However, we are a company that has continually evolved and we have always believed in supporting athletes regardless of their discipline. True Nutrition athletes aren’t just found in the weight room, they are also found on the football field, on the track, in the ring, and pushing their limits out on the field.

There is no doubt that endurance workouts have exploded in popularity over the last five years and with it has come a new way of looking at fitness nutrition. What might work best for someone that is looking to increase mass might not best serve an endurance athlete. While endurance training is definitely about making strength gains, it also has a cardio aspect that is important to consider when deciding what diet will best serve you and your goals.

We have been offering the highest quality paleo products for years as it is a great way for those with whey or dairy intolerances to get the additional protein they need when putting in hours at the gym, so when the paleo craze hit, we knew we had a product that would stand up to the rigorous demands of endurance athletes. Much like our whey protein and vegan protein, we knew we could offer a high performance, high quality paleo protein that could help endurance athletes crush it in the gym or out in the field.

True Nutrition leads the way with its Beef Protein Isolate, a paleo protein that rivals whey protein with its protein and amino acid content. Our Beef Protein Isolate has over 90% percent protein that is both lactose and dairy free. It’s a powerhouse for paleo enthusiasts and it’s a product we are proud to stand behind.

We also offer whole egg and egg white proteins that are fine-tuned for the True Nutrition athlete and perfect for anyone looking for a high quality paleo protein option – as well as a diverse range of paleo formulas that support athletes through every stage of their workout and recovery. Our philosophy doesn’t waver; we take an immense pride in providing the very best for all of our customers regardless of their personal diet preferences.

If you are looking for a whey protein alternative, we invite you to try our paleo proteins as we know it will provide you with the energy and gains that you are looking for.

Yours in health,
Team True Nutrition

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