True Nutrition’s Commitment To Transparency Through 3rd Party Lab Testing

Updated 10/2/16 – We’ve added recent 3rd-party testing results to reflect our ongoing commitment to quality.

“Each of our raw materials are tested by multiple 3rd party testing facilities to ensure product potency, identity, purity and to screen for heavy metal content before any of our raw materials exit our product quarantine in our storage facilities. We are always more than happy to provide the most recent certificates of analysis from these 3rd party labs on any of our raw materials upon request.”

It’s not often that the word scandal isn’t hyperbolic in nature, but when the Attorney General’s office calls for the halting of supplements sales from certain retailers because 79% of the supplements they tested didn’t contain the actual ingredients listed on their label, well then there is definitely a scandal brewing.

It’s not just herbal supplement companies either, many supplement and nutrition companies are coming under fire because their protein powders and other supplement products don’t actually contain the amount of protein or ingredients listed on their label. The FDA has taken an interest in these supplement companies, finally investigating and holding supplement companies accountable for their erroneous claims.


3rd Party Testing Results for Whey Protein Isolate – Cold Filtration

We obviously don’t take companies selling the people in our community poor quality products lightly. Our goal and mission has always been to provide the highest quality nutritional supplements, but we knew that our word alone might not be enough when there are companies in our industry who have deceived consumers. We take such a serious approach to walking the walk that we actually have our products tested by an unbiased 3rd party labs, and are willing to share the results with all of our customers.


3rd Party Testing Results for Whey Protein Concentrate

Of course we are going to talk highly of our own product, but we decided to take an extra step by applying the third party testing because we know we owe it to the community. Our products aren’t filled with low quality fillers or harmful additives, as True Nutrition has always held itself to the highest standard for over a decade. The reason we make 3rd party lab analyses available is because we felt the weightlifting and health conscious community at large, deserved to have a trusted source that they could always turn to for the highest quality supplements and protein products on the planet.

Whether you’re a bodybuilder, power lifter, endurance athlete, and/or just generally care about your health, you depend on your body to perform at the highest levels, making it essential to have products that are maximizing results and recovery time. The biggest issue with companies that are deceiving consumers isn’t that they’re just cutting corners, but that they are actually damaging performance results or worse damaging physical health, and ultimately stopping athletes from reaching their full potential.


3rd Party Testing Results for Micellar Casein

We have always been more about personal gains than financial gains, and our mission is to best serve our customers and uplift our community. 3rd party testing is our way of being transparent, so that you know that you can count on your nutritional supplements when you need them most.

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