Introducing True Nutrition Athlete and Guest Blogger Meg Gunther

“I love True Nutrition’s products because they allow me to have versatility in the supplements I use.”

-Meg Gunther

We’ve never been about hyped up athlete contracts or paying for empty endorsements. Our customers become loyalists because they align with our values and believe in our products. However, this is a two way street as we value our customers and are inspired when they put it all on the line to achieve their goals.

This is what defines a True Nutrition Athlete. It’s about having grit, putting in the work and finding the inspiration to dig deeper. True Nutrition Athletes come in all shapes and sizes, they crush disciplines and they hold the products they use to a high standard, because they hold themselves to the highest standard.

We are proud to feature True Nutrition Athletes because they are the reason we have dedicated our lives to manufacturing the best supplements and proteins on the planet, the reason we were the first to offer 3rd party testing and the reason we push ourselves to be the best, each and every day.

When we first met Meg Gunther from My Engineered Nutrition, we knew we had found someone that was not only dedicated to obtaining her fitness goals, but also embodied the values of a True Nutrition Athlete. When Meg isn’t working as an engineer, she is pushing herself in the gym, readying herself for competition and using her in-depth knowledge of nutrition to inspire the community.

Meg has been sharing her recipes and experience at, where she has cultivated a loyal following and helped guide those looking for killer recipes and nutritional advice. She is also a dedicated True Nutrition loyalist who uses our proteins in unique and delicious recipes that are great for pre-, intra- and post-workout nutrition.

“I found that whey protein on its own doesn’t always sit well with my stomach,” states Meg. “Instead of drinking whey protein on its own, I opt for using it in some of my recipes such as protein donuts, waffles, pancakes and muffins!”

Meg doesn’t get paid to hit the gym, she doesn’t get paid to use our products and she doesn’t get paid to share her knowledge. She does it because she’s dedicated to empowering herself and her community, and that’s what makes Meg a True Nutrition Athlete. We are proud to have Meg on board as our queen of killer recipes, not only because what she makes is delicious, but because she shares our values and at the end of the day, that’s what matters most.

Follow along as we share Meg’s unique and delicious recipes using the highest quality supplements and proteins on the market from True Nutrition.

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