Mixing Tips #9: Flavor Packs

True Nutrition is unique in the fact that we offer individuals the ability to customize their protein and nutritional needs in any way imaginable. This includes allowing for the addition of flavoring and sweetening ingredients into their mix using a range of different options, but some users prefer to control all flavoring and sweetening from home based on any number of reasons. In today’s mixing tips, we will discuss some helpful ideas that can be used to enhance the taste of your protein and supplement materials from home using flavor packs!

Each of these flavor systems are discussed in greater detail HERE!

True Nutrition‘s standard inclusion rate for the TrueFlavorâ„¢ flavor systems runs around 45 grams of flavoring added to each pound of protein powder for most flavors. This is what we consider to be the “Normal” flavor inclusion amount based on the tastes and preferences of most users. Selecting “Light” when customizing a protein powder will reduce the amount of flavoring and sweetening ingredients by half (22.5g/lb), while selecting the “Heavy” option will effectively double the strength of the flavoring and sweetening ingredients as compared to normal (90g/lb). This is important to understand when deciding how much flavor to include when using the flavor packs.

Flavor packs may come in handy in any number of situations, but especially for users that are looking to purchase their protein in bulk while being given the opportunity to sample a variety of different flavors. Flavor packs are sold in 100g increments, which is important to keep in mind based on the recommended inclusion rates above. One flavor pack will typically flavor 2-3lbs worth of most protein or carbohydrate formulas at the “Normal” flavor inclusion rate. Some protein materials may require additional flavoring in order to adequately overcome some difficulties in taste. Hydrolyzed proteins, for example, will be much more bitter and stronger in taste than your average whey protein concentrate or whey protein isolate, and may require additional flavoring in order to mask the taste. Fruit flavors are also preferred. Caseins are much thicker than whey by comparison, and absorb more of the flavoring materials than usual. Some may choose to increase their flavor inclusion rate in caseins in order to achieve a stronger flavor consistency. Chocolate and cream flavors are typically preferred in caseins.

When adding flavoring from home using a flavor pack, you have one of two options. Some will measure and add their flavoring materials in bulk by the pound, using the standard 45g/lb as a point of reference in order to achieve the desired taste. Others will choose to measure out the flavoring materials to add to each individual serving. Using 45g/lb as a reference once more, this would translate into approximately 3g of flavoring that would be added to each 30g serving of protein or carbs.

Flavoring may also be added to bulk supplement powders, as well, although the method of doing so may be slightly altered. Animo acids and other supplements will tend to range from bitter to sour in many cases, which is why most users will tend to mix their powders in with fruit flavors rather than chocolate or vanilla flavor types. When flavoring supplement powders, you will typically use the same amount of flavoring material regardless of the serving size, and based more on the total volume of liquid that you intend to mix that serving into when creating your shake. In most cases, 3-5g of flavoring materials should be adequate to flavor a single serving of supplements in up to 10-16floz of liquid, however some bitterness may still occur. Adding materials like Malic or Citric Acid can work to mask this bitterness considerably by increasing the sour sensation.

True Nutrition wants to ensure that every customer is entirely satisfied with their selection, and our friendly and knowledgeable staff is always on hand to help you decide which flavors and mixing methods will be best to meet your specific needs. Please feel free to contact us at any time with any questions related to mixing proteins, carbohydrates, or supplement powders from home using the flavor packs!

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