Mixing Tips #7: Simple Soylent

One of the hottest trends on the market right now has arrived in the form of Soylent, a liquid alternative to the wholefoods diet that was first developed by Rob Rhinehart to take the place of his costly grocery bills. Since his discovery was first announced, it has taken the industry by storm, and individuals around the world have begun developing their own unique versions of the material in an attempt to find the “perfect” liquid wholefoods meal replacement.

Mike writes in today with one such formula that he has adapted and revised based on his own research and comparisons against other popular formulations:

“The basic formula here isn’t that uncommon compared to many of Rob’s previous efforts. I frequently cited user jrowe47’s ‘DIY Basic’ formula from the Make Soylent website. I believe it comes as close to the original concept and functionality as any others I have seen. There are a few tweaks to avoid potential spoilage and to simplify the formula as a whole using common multivitamins that are easier to source.

I need to do some additional research in order to verify that the vitamins and minerals included in this formula won’t fight for absorption, and to confirm that these are the most bioavailable forms of each to ensure proper utilization in the blood stream. Also, there are a few slight deficiencies that I am hoping to shore up after researching some additional multivitamin options.

Simple Soylent Formula - Truenutrition.com
The formula as shown above will generate the following Nutrient Breakdown and Vitamin and Mineral profile based upon the U.S. Government’s DRI for males aged 19-50 that conform to a 2000-calorie diet:

Simple Soylent Formula Nutrient Breakdown - Truenutrition.com

Simple Soylent Formula Vitamin and Mineral Chart - Truenutrition.com

This formula can easily be assembled using ingredients from Truenutrition and a few select providers. Based on the estimated costs before shipping, this complete meal plan can be assembled for as little as $7.62/day.

My next goals are to find a way to reduce costs and improve the last remaining vitamin and mineral deficiencies to meet 100% RDI on all ingredients. I highly recommend using the simple calculator functions available at Make Soylent to experiment with your own formulas and see what you come up with.”

Mike has been a life-long health and fitness enthusiast, and is now concentrating on improving his overall nutrition on a modest budget.

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