Mixing Tips #1: Paleo Post Workout Formula

So you’ve finally gone paleo? Finding your food sources is easy enough, but newcomers to the paleo diet may require some additional guidance when it comes to nutritional support through supplementation. True Nutrition offers a variety of protein powders, fats, and carbohydrates that can help to meet these needs using our signature custom mixing services. Today, we are offering a few simple suggestions for building a low-carb Paleo Post Workout Formula!

In a standard post-workout formula, you would typically see a ratio of approximately 60-70% carbohydrates from sugar or starches, and 30-40% protein, many times taken from dairy ingredients like whey. This is to ensure the prompt delivery of nutrients into the blood stream. Most paleo enthusiasts look to strictly limit or completely eliminate sugars and cereal grains from their diet entirely, however, and dairy ingredients are off-limits. Although this leaves us with fewer options, True Nutrition comes equipped with several options for all of you cavemen and cavewomen out there!

Let’s start with the three basic ingredients:

Each of these options will be low-carb, dairy-free, gluten-free, soy-free, and paleo-friendly! The Beef Protein Isolate and Egg White Proteins are both exceedingly high in essential amino acids, and contain very little carbohydrate content as compared to many other protein sources. Beef Protein Isolate is rich in the amino acids lysine, proline, arginine, and alanine, while the Egg White Protein will he higher in aspartic acid and each of the three branched chain amino acids (leucine, isoleucine, and valine). While lower in protein, Whole Egg Protein provides an ample amount of fat that can be used for energy. A combination of these three protein powders using True Nutrition‘s Custom Mix Generator will provide a rounded and more complete amino acid profile, and all in accordance with a strict low-carb paleo diet:

Paleo Post Workout Formula:
35% Beef Protein Isolate
55% Egg White Protein
10% Whole Egg Protein

It is important to keep in mind that paleo protein powders will taste and mix differently than a standard whey protein, considering the source of the material. Expect a mix of this nature to be on the salty side, and flavor accordingly. Additional mixing may also be required.

This formula can be ordered in its raw form with no added flavors or sweeteners, or it may be customized to include one of our natural flavoring options that utilize the natural herbal sweetener, stevia.

Many will also consider combining this formula with either coconut milk or sweet potatoes as an additional source of energy, depending on your personal requirements. Feel free to play around with this formula using the Custom Mix Generator to see what creative new mixes you can come up with!

It is our goal to help you meet your goals, and adding True Nutrition‘s Paleo Post Workout Formula to your daily supplementation may be the key to your continued success! Ask us how the Paleo Post Workout Formula can complement your healthy lifestyle today, and look forward to more mixing advice in future posts!

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