Ask our Athlete: Madison Monnone

We’re so excited to welcome our newest athlete to the roster: Madison Monnone! Learn more about what got her started in fitness, her favorite exercises and more below:

Name: Madison Monnone

City/State: San Diego, California

What do you do for work?: I’m a Personal Trainer specializing in overall health, functional training and conditioning, and  bodybuilding.

What is your favorite type of training?
  Weights are my number 1, I also incorporate HIIT strength training for conditioning as well.

When did you first begin your fitness journey? About 7 years ago.

Have you always been into fitness? If not, what got you started?

I always played sports growing up, then fell in love with the idea of bodybuilding.

Why did you decide to pursue a career as a Personal Trainer?

I wanted others to feel the confidence I found in myself through living a healthy lifestyle.

What is the most difficult part of being a Personal Trainer, and what do you love most about your job?

The most difficult part of being a trainer is helping people find the motivation to keep going- but then that is when it turns to the part that I love because when a long-term client sees results by their own intrinsic motivation, that’s where my heart melts.

Is there anyone in the fitness industry you look up to, and why?

I look up to Cass Martin because she is not only strong on the outside but also on the inside. Her motivation/looks is what helps drive me to do those last few reps. I also look up to Kathryn and Kendra (kk_fit) on Instagram because they are legit body goals in my opinion!

What does your nutrition/diet look like? 

I have recently become dairy-free for digestion purposes. I eat a lot of eggs! They are probably my primary source of protein alongside my TrueNutrition shakes. I am a sucker for sweets but I try to ration those. I believe in balance with diet. You don’t have to go crazy over being strict to be happy and healthy while still seeing results.

“I love being able to create a protein where I know EXACTLY what is in it. Being dairy free, I can’t have whey or casein protein, so I am able to create a vegan protein with whatever flavor I like (usually just chocolate) without any worry of stomach issues!”



What are some of your favorite exercises?

Romanian Deadlifts

Lateral Raises

Box Squats

Reverse Tricep Pulldowns

Renegade Rows


What TrueNutrition products do you personally use to maintain your nutrition and dietary goals?

Chocolate Vegan (50/50 pea and rice) protein shakes!

If you could magically make one food calorie-free, you’d pick: Donuts or pizza!

What’s your favorite song to work out to these days?

Hu$tle by Antiserum & Mayhem. If you need a boost in your work out, definitely give this one a go!

What’s a fun, weird, and/or interesting fact about yourself?

I love the beach, one of the many perks of living in San Diego now. Chalk is my worst fear. No questions. I could probably out shop any other human.

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