Instantized BCAA’s

If you read my posts alot you know im a gigantic proponent of Instantized BCAA’s. If there is anything that solves the riddle of sarcopenia, or is key for the attainment or maintenance of muscle mass, its BCAA’s (with leucine being the key ingredient there). I take bcaa’s pre workout, post workout and pre bed….I feel it is the most important thing that Ive personally done for myself lifting wise over the last few years.

There is one problem though. The taste of BCAA’s is quite bitter/sour and alot of people have trouble getting them down. Let me fill you in on a foolproof method.

Absolutely do not use anything that has aspartame in it as the health detriment longterm is out there in literature if you care to read it. So that cancels out the product with the initials C.L.

Do use one of these 2 products Made with stevia these are great for BCAA’s. Made with sucralose, these are also great for BCAA’s

Again with BCAA’s being naturally sour, I would highly recommend a lemonade stickpack from one of the above companies to mix in with the BCAA’s.

With the Truelemon brand the raspberry lemonade, peach lemonade, and black cherry are all stellar in just water to drink but I would recommend the lemonade to mix the BCAA’s in (actually with this brand any of the aforementioned three will work also)

With the drinkArizona brand the pomegranate is great by itself in water, but i would only use the lemonade stickpack for the BCAA’s.

Its as simple as this… Instantized BCAA’s (I use a little extra leucine with mine) in a glass, pour in a stickpack, add water, stir it up and down it……its as simple as downing a glass of lemonade.